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  1. The blockout dates for this promotion are 10/11/2020, 10/17/2020, 10/24/2020, and 10/30/2020. You can find these dates by clicking the "View Details" link when purchasing the ticket online.
  2. For those of you who have been around since the HHNvault days, you’ll probably remember how active those forums were, especially when the event was less than 10 days away as it is today. Every day I would log-on and would have to catch up on at least 30-50 new posts. Now, after 2-3 days of not logging into this forum, I only find 2-3 messages have been posted. While this is not the first year I have noticed this, this is the first year that has really hit me. It’s really sad. Is the HHN fandom dying? Of course, this is all revolving around the online fandom. Based on the crowd levels last year, obviously the fans are still attending and spending money to support the event. Mind you, I am aware “back in the day” we had intricate websites that required us to search for clues and of course Legendary Truth which made up for a lot of the online postings in the past. The online backstories and websites of the past are a major reason on why I started to follow the event the way I do and ultimately became a fanboy. The new generation of fans will never be able to experience this, thus not seeing a point to go online and join a forum. This is my opinion on why the fandom has decreased. So, what’s your take on it? Where did everyone go?
  3. Like most people, I was curious to see how HHN was going to pull off this house when the original film had very little to work with. After experiencing all 10 haunted houses, this house is currently my house of the year. The designers' interpretation of each scene is so creative. The house is definitely better than the movie.
  4. Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass will work on all the rides open during the event. You may view a list of these rides here: https://orlando.halloweenhorrornights.com/site/hhn/details/event-attractions During opening weekend, I experienced wait times between 15-30 minutes with Express.
  5. After opening weekend, this may be my least favorite house of the year. This house is just way too random, even for HHN standards. This house feels like the “extra” tenth house they advertise; it literally looks like they said “grab anything left in the warehouse, throw it all in and make up some random stories.” I’m not really sure why some people call it the “comedy house.” Nothing made me laugh or smile. It was more like a “Huh”? It’s also a very bright house. I’ve always been a supporter of all the original content houses over IP’s, so I’m hoping this house grows on me during the course of the event, but I doubt it.
  6. As stated by many before, in the 16 years I’ve been attending, this has been by far the most crowded I have ever seen it on opening night. It felt like a Friday in early to mid-October. Also, did anyone else get caught in the exit debacle from Trick r Treat and Seeds? For me, it took longer to exit than what I waited for Trick r Treat (with Express). They were merging both exits, which I know they have done with the tent houses, so I’m not sure why it wasn’t working last night. Imagine moving at a snails pace, packed like a sardine, for a quarter of a mile. I heard the “they need an Express queue for the exits” joke many times.
  7. I really hope they revise Chucky’s dialogue in the “mini-show.” It was so boring and some of it cringe worthy. They’re going more towards the original films-Chucky (which I appreciate), but I feel the “Bride”-era Chucky would fit better at the event (sarcastic, rude, FUNNY). Also, some more guest interaction would be nice. Maybe bring a guest on stage to do something fun or embarrassing. I’ve only seen two renditions of the show. Anybody know how many in total there are?
  8. Out of all the scents used at HHN, they couldn’t add a cotton candy scent in this zone?! Then again, I can’t really remember if scents have ever been used outdoors. Orlando isn’t generally a windy city for the scents to blow away, so I wouldn’t think that would be the reason...
  9. This zone is everything! Applause to the costume designer. I could sit in this zone all night and just listen to the music. I’m a huge fan of anything 80’s, so some younger guests might not really “get it.”
  10. Florida Resident discounts are no longer being offered for HHN. The Florida Resident rate is now the online price and is available to all guests; regardless of where you may be traveling from. In other words, don't buy at the front gate. Front gate pricing is $114.99+tax for a single night ticket, so you are still saving money regardless.
  11. Opposite sides of the same. It's closer to the size of the Michael Myer's one. (Huge head, bigger than the Michael one seems like.)
  12. My haul from the HHN store preview earlier this morning. The store has an awesome Trick 'r Treat (with Sam) display behind the register as well has a display showcasing the Festival of the Deadliest which actually got me pretty excited for the scare zone. No Bill & Ted merchandise besides the mug as of this morning. Here's hoping they release more down the road.
  13. This theory actually makes more sense since aren't we supposed to lose three house locations due to Nintendo World construction (tents & parade building)? Adding a year-round haunt (whether it be temporary or permanent) would make up for at least one of the missing house locations.
  14. Has anyone else received a marketing email from Universal titled "Add Darkness to Your Day" every. Single. Day? It's obviously a glitch, but it's so annoying!
  15. I'm having a hard time picturing this whole 'Festival of the Deadliest' thing. It obviously sounds like an original concept, but the part about it mainly being on Hollywood Blvd and "spreading" to other areas of the park has me confused. Also, the way that blog article was written makes it sounds like it's not even a scarezone but just an overall theme?
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