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  1. If "Dante" is connected to Dante's Inferno, it could be a modernization of the original story so that it won't be dated or "boring" to the kiddies that come to the event. Give it a 2000's style, hell even an Apocalypse sort of look at it? Btw, I'm back.
  2. Onca

    Onca's FanArt

    Ohh 2011... how you've been both helpful in getting me to draw, while you've kept the Orlando event out of my grasp at the same time. I ended up drawing Lady Luck at least 5 times this season, as well as La Llorona as how she appeared in the Hollywood side. So for Lady Luck, I'm going from earliest to the one I did tonight. 1 2 3 4 5 And finally La Llorona.
  3. I think that was meant to build up anticipation, did you hear the sound effects of the previous room's Things in there? A person ahead of me actually turned on their phone's flashlight setting to make it out..
  4. Yeah it was, I could barely hear her in the queue over the people around me, though.
  5. ^La Llorona was up to 65 minutes around 11-ish.
  6. But he'd complain about that, too, zombieman. He'd complain and we'd see an approximately 10+ page rant about the event, RIP, the Vampire Lounge, the free food, everything...it's better for it to go to a cause for someone who'd thoroughly enjoy an RIP, like me. Heehee.. I at least have a legitimate excuse to be negative about one aspect of HHN, I haven't gotten my print@home ticket in my email yet. It's been 2 hours already, what the hell! I'd understand high traffic for ticket sales and processing but really? Buying my ticket at 1am should be a fast time! What is going on?!
  7. Guess I'll be picking that up, then. Oh, since Freak's images aren't working.. what does the shirt he's talking about look like?
  8. ^ Does the La Llorona shirt look the same as last year's...the photoshopped Bloody Mary with simple 'Chiller' font saying La Llorona to the side, then her "Aaaay, mis hijos!" quote at the bottom?
  9. That sounds awesome, too, Freak! And I'm definitely coming tomorrow, for sure... just bought my ticket so there's no turning back now! I hate to sound like a spaz here, but I'm genuinely excited for tomorrow. I'm gonna call out, gonna head up and sit through a drive of 2+ hours to be there during the day, then wait till night falls....
  10. Seems like that Stab-a-thon is more literal than an actual event, harr harr, Murdy.
  11. So disappointed I wasn't able to make to Orlando even more than I was before after seeing what its shaped up to, and reading how some of the mazes area... I really regret moving out now, it seems I've totally missed out on a spectacular event..

  12. Even some props up on the sidewalk and to the side would be nice if the wide, open space of the Lower Lot's central plaza was just not very accommodating for a fully themed scarezone. Sarcasm aside. There's enough space down there for decoration and scareactors, maybe if the area wasn't so clogged with fog most of the time, there wouldn't be a terrible collision risk due to street obstruction and people traffic, eh?
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