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  1. Just got the survey prompt but my screenshot program is having problems. I don't think there'd be anything interesting in it, but I guess I'll check. Edit: These were the only relevant things: Ultimately, nothing interesting aside from Friday the 13'th not being too far off from what we're getting and the amusing fact that the singular Jack the clown listing is on there.
  2. They could of course work in the seats for whatever they're doing, depending on what they look like. I've only ever been in that building once, and that was back in 2011 and I never actually saw the show so I wouldn't know if that would be possible. Given that these scarezones are supposed to have more actors, we can assume that the zones might have to be bigger. What if they use a bit of Shrek as an interior area?
  3. Anyone getting a slight mardi gras vibe from the colors?
  4. Jack's nose seems to blend into his face. Some sort of deformity or tumor instead of a fake nose?
  5. Given that everything leads to twitter, "secrets" probably means updates and "pledging your allegiance" probably just means using a hash tag. What type of updates and from where? I couldn't tell you. Could just be from Universal's twitter.
  6. The maniacs page is still up, by the way.
  7. I'm wondering what's happened to Jack from the time the video towards the end of hnn 24 was released and now. Anyways: I don't know what rumors you're talking about but dc parallels might not be inaccurate. Perhaps instead of a nolan-style reboot, we're getting a "HHN: New 52" type of thing. Think about it like this: There's a surprising amount of back story for hhn. What if what we're seeing is a universal restart of their plot assets so as to pull in a new crowd? They certainly wouldn't be doing it just for us out of the kindness of their hearts from what people have been saying on this forum. Perhaps we're about to see the compromise between marketing and A&D, with Jack being the start of it. Or multiple "Jack" characters.
  8. That tunnel looks familiar. Wasn't there an advertisement or something that Universal officially released that involved someone or something chasing some people down tunnels that looked like that?
  9. There are ways to do it. I wouldn't imagine it would be the first time a company kept people in the dark about what exactly they're making. The problem with the theory is the fact that it wouldn't be worth it to expend the resources and pull out all the stops to ensure each department is kept unaware of what they're making. Which for this line of work is impossible anyways. Frankly, it sounds very much like a fan's dream. A precaution that would keep us guessing in times of speculation. They're not going to do that for us.
  10. I wonder if this is another pizza/wine/weed related incident.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkGbYdSwFCU House of 1,000 corpses?
  12. Let us hope that your theory is correct. Trying to get lightening to strike twice rarely works and generally doesn't work immediately. Either way, if it has to happen, it has to happen.
  13. Nothing, really. You have a few lackluster sequels you can pull from. You can try to pull from the aforementioned remake, which just got a writer five years ago. So ultimately, "Dark and gritty remake" or "Similar but different" seem to be the most likely options here.
  14. Okay... Awil? Why? What could make them bring back a house soon? I know there was supposed to be a remake, but that's been a project that's never gotten off the ground since its existed. I'd agree that something has been scrapped, but there are so many things you could do instead. Things that would cost less money and make more sense.
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