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  1. thanks for the feedback! I plan on going to the houses that are towards the back first, and working back towards the other ones afterward. Hopefully I can make it into them all. Maybe next year ill be able to invest in the express pass though. After looking at the map, I think my plan will be: Penn & Teller Alice Cooper House of Horrors Silent Hill Gothic Dead End The Walking Dead Thats assuming I'll be able to get them all in on time. Hopefully most the crowds who go to the first 3 near the front of the park will have moved towards the back by time I get up there. If wait times do end up being too long, I'll have to cut out a few houses to do the ones I really wanna do. Guess I'll have to read everyone's reviews over the next few weeks to see which ones are the best.
  2. Yeah I looked at prices for express, and it's like $100 for those nights :\ That's $100 on top of the like $70 for the base ticket, right? But 75 minutes isn't as bad as I was expecting actually
  3. Hey, im most likely gonna end up going on October 13. It's a Saturday, so I'm sure it's a peak night. I was just wondering how long the lines usually are like mid October on a Saturday? We're gonna try to be there before it opens, and we won't be going on any of the rides or stopping to eat. I don't care as much about the scarezones, but I really wanna try to get at least 4/5 of the houses in.
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