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  1. So you're telling me that this Hostel Costume is no more? This life-like Alice Cooper mask is worth $500 dollars in my opinion. This is too cool to destroy.
  2. BOOOOOOOOO! Ironically years from now, they'll regret that decision and perhaps recognize that they(not some complaining parent) are the ones destroying their own priceless treasures. If HHN reached their 40th anniversary, they may only have a room field of artifacts rather than a potential warehouse of different treasures that span throughout the year. Reading this from a scare-actor myself, I wonder why this is practice? Why not sell them to a private collector, give it away to a scare actor for keeps, or put it into storage so it could be reused the next year? It almost seems like a waste of time,energy,and money to juput them all in the furnace or trash them when they are movie fans and haunt aficionados who would love to have a Purge mask hanging on their mantle. The Hollywood Museum would have also love to have a piece of history too, especially from a successful horror movie franchise that has made hundreds of millions at the box offices. They are people out there who would pay big money to get possession of a replica of any custom mask that appeared at Universal. If you ask me, this is an example of laziness and prideful ignorance by those in charge to destroy these valuable items. Items that someone put blood,sweat,and tears into creating as well as in the performance of their role. With over 42 years of history, the Knotts Scary Farm Haunt Museum could have been as large as the Fowler Museum at UCLA,The Bowers Museum at Santa Ana, or even the Vincent Price Art Museum. What instead we have is a small building with a few dozen surviving props, few costumes, and a spot to purchase haunt swag. The Haunt Museum is smaller than my college art gallery. You guys at Horror Nights are building a legacy just like Disney,In-N-Out Burgers and Well Fargos. To have a protocol where these valuable masks, prosthetics, and costumes are destroyed is like demolishing the Walt Disney Apartment on Main Street, it's a act that brings to question the purpose behind those who are in charge. It almost seems as if the preservation and documentation of Halloween Horror Night treasures for future generations of horror fans to appreciate is an afterthought. No one is thinking about the importance of these items.Since the House of Horrors have been shut down, where will horror fans go to have a closer look(if at all) at the items that appeared inside Halloween Horror Nights? Due to the inconsistent photography policy,unless the guest have a day-time/lights-on tour, photography is frown upon by those who worked in the maze even if the flash is off meaning that guest only have a few moments to "savor the fruit" of the experience. In-Short: It seems that the haunt industry frown on those who pause to savor the fruit of the experience. Unless members of haunts want to start a movement to establish a private Halloween Horror Night collection with props, masks, and costumes for the purpose of Academic,Anthropological, and Artistic appreciation and exhibition, it seems to me that these views will could controversy despite the overwhelming benefits they offer. Kansas has a museum for barbed wire, India has a toilet museum, and there's even the Museum of Death in Hollywood. I believe establishing a museum in dedication to Halloween Horror Nights is a realistic goal. The destruction of masks,prosthetics and costumes such as Purge masks via the shredder is an example of needless destruction, just like what the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria did to many artifacts, worship centers, statues whom they took possession of. Assyrian Statue Tomb of Jonah(the man who was swallowed by a whale) Sufi Shrine Now I wouldn't want to see This... Or This or This in a million pieces. Universal should be honoring a piece of it's own history, rather than destroy it. Reference http://www.rushcounty.org/barbedwiremuseum/ http://www.sulabhtoiletmuseum.org/old/ http://www.museumofdeath.net/
  3. Not me. My views of haunt has changed after visiting HHN this year.#RETURNTOACADEMIA BTW: What's going to happen to the costumes and masks from this year Purge Anarchy Scare-zone? Cause I have an idea of where they should go.
  4. It's called being "Politically Correct". Universal needs to stand up here.
  5. Next time you go to Horror Night: Gather a bunch of people together to the Purge Scare Zone and protest for the return of the Auctioneer. HHN fan base is quite large and it need to be heard. #SupportUniversal
  6. You got some great ideas here. The Purgers from the Anarchy Scare zone have a lot of energy and personality. What I found so interesting is that by listening to the Auctioneer spiels, I get to learn more about the people who participate in The Purge. The performers here have great chemistry with one another.
  7. Best quote at HHN: (after African American Walker appear in Prison) IS THAT YOU TYREESE?!

  8. Best quote at HHN: (after African American Walker appear in Prision) IS THAT YOU TYREESE?!

  9. Is it possible to change the date for the ticket to be used for another day? My friend called guest services telling them that he purchase the tickets but he is sick so he told me that if he wasn't able to go he could call universal and they will send him a ticket for a different date. Is this possible for Universal Studios to do?
  10. The beginning of the next Purge film should start off with an All American Friday Night Football game between Servite High and Mater Dei. This scene will reveal the people who are benefiting from The Purge and the people who are getting killed from the Purge.

  11. I'm going to HHN this Sunday. What's the estimate on crowd for that day?
  12. How much did it cost you to get home? Were the multipliers in effect?
  13. How did the Backlot-Upperlot-Lowerlot compared to the Backlot-Lowerlot-Upperlot plan?
  14. Has anyone tried the back-upper-lower method and compare that with the back-lower-upper method?
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