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  1. 1. Bring back Bill & Ted: Jabawockeez was horrible (worst haunt show I've ever seen), get rid of it and have an actually GOOD show. 2. Have a 7th maze: Weren't we promised a 7th maze this year? 3. Have at least 2/3 originals: Not sure why they don't do this, it's cheaper than getting the rights for IPs and we usually get at least one IP. 4. Bring back VIP: Why was VIP gone this year? I still haven't gotten an explanation. 5. Have more scarezones 6. Change the location of the Terror Tram 7. Get rid of TWD: Sadly, this is probably the most unlikely on this list Maze wishlist: Freddy vs Jason Alice Cooper 3 Dark Christmas/Welcome to Hell Body Collectors Evil Dead (Original) Asylum in Wonderland 3D (I'd really like to see Hollywood's spin on this) Original based an Urban Legend?
  2. 1. Body Collectors 2. Freddy vs Jason 3. Monsters and Madness 4. American Werewolf in London 5. RUN 6. Insidious 7. Asylum in Wonderland 3D 8. The Purge 9. The Walking Dead
  3. I'm guessing Freddy vs Jason, 25 Years, and AWiL.
  4. Mazes from most to least anticipated: Halloween Insidious This is the End Crimson Peak AvP TWD
  5. I'm excited for this maze. I honestly expect this to be MOTY. don't fix whats not broken
  6. Freddy and Jason are two of the most iconic horror villains of all time, much more than TWD. With that logic we shouldve had FvJ instead of AvP, TWD, or TitE. Of course, the majority of attendees aren't fb users but you can get a general sample size from fb to know how the GP feels about a property. I'm not judging how the maze is going to be, I'm saying that having TWD for 4 years in a row while dismissing FvJ and other properties people actually want is spitting on the fans.
  7. So sick and tired of TWD (even if its the longest maze). The fact is that the event doesn't need TWD anymore and the event would have done the just the same if not better if we had FvJ. Maybe in 2011-12 you'd see people asking for TWD (with a few exceptions), but EVERY YEAR far more GP asks Freddy and/or Jason. Nobody except maybe 15% of people wanted this and you can see that from Murdy's twitter feed. Also, stop acting like TWD is a huge selling point like it was in 12-13 after having it for 4 years.
  8. I attended Halloween Night and everything was soaked except for HoH and AvP. I didn't see how bad FDTD was but Clowns and AWIL were drenched. If I recall Dracula, FDTD, Clowns, and I think TWD and AWIL were shut down an hour or two early.
  9. Thank you for the help. I couldn't find the park hours but that's probably because I'm on the mobile site.
  10. Anyone know if opening night will be open until 12 or 1? I'm asking because I'm only able to attend one night and I want to do every show and maze. Is this doable on opening night with express?
  11. I know this applies more to HHN 26/27 speculation, but if Nintendo takes over Kidzone with construction would the Sprung Tents still be available? If not then a USF/IOA HHN is possible?
  12. So OI has confirmed that Scream, FvJ, AWIL, Blizzard, and Icons House will be in Soundstages. 5 Soundstages http://orlandoinformer.com/page/articles.html/_/blog/universal-orlando/hhns-full-house-lineup-exposed?pg=1
  13. With all these leaks in Orlando, what houses do you think we'll be sharing? I'd say FvJ, TWD, Alice, and Insidious.
  14. I didn't get to experience AWIL in Orlando but the AWIL maze in Hollywood was really disappointing. The puppets weren't that great and the Puppets in AVP (Orlando) made them look mediocre. I think they shouldve put AWIL in a Soundstage.
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