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  1. How exactly can they advertize 5 unique scarezones if it's allegedly all one carnival scarezone? Well obviously there's the midway portion, But then "oooh, beware the deep fried food truck zone!" "Watch your back at the livestock pens!" And even then I just ran out of ideas to sarcastically suggest
  2. I think someone is asking to be patted on the back.
  3. Almost forgot about Dr. Jimmy's April Fool videos. Can't wait
  4. At the park now lines are reasonable been thru 4 houses in a hour and half. At walking dead now 60min wait
  5. The first movie took place at the house were she's babysitting and her best friends house across the street. The only movie were they dedicate most of the movie at the Myers home is in Halloween Resurrection. If I'm remembering correctly.
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