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  1. At this point, I wouldn't mind if they stopped doing B&T altogether. This year's show was just horrendous - worst I've ever seen (and as someone that's been going since '98, that's saying a lot). If they don't want to hire writers that actually know the basic elements of comedy for the show, then I think the budget for it is better off going into the houses and scarezones instead.
  2. Don't know if it's worth putting up on the list, but the London Waterfront area now plays some of the creepier/more dramatic Harry Potter music during the event.
  3. It'd be a spin-off house, not having anything to do with the past Scary Tales. Just think twisted versions of Aladdin, Sinbad, Ali Baba, and the like.
  4. In addition to what everyone else is saying: * Giving the black-and-white characters their own scarezone for the first time in quite a while. * Having Freddy, Jason, and Chucky together in the same zone. Awesome sauce! * Great music choices throughout the event. * Expanding on Chance's character a bit more. While she's still lacking a backstory, she at least feels more than just a Harley Quinn-knockoff now. * Allowing Jack and Chance to improvise certain scenes. * Icon stage-kills. Great concept that was executed just as well. * Crypt Keeper! * A lot of the unique non-zombie-related merchandise. * One of the best commercials done for the event in years. * Blowing away the past three years of the event easily. * The nostalgic compilation of the event's past years that was playing in the houses' queues. * The HHN store! A fantastic idea that I hope is brought back for future years. (Not all of this was A&D's doing, so this shout-out goes to Universal as a whole)
  5. The only things I could imagine is either he went in at a time of the day when no one was around, or he simply just got really lucky. I've heard of plenty of other stories of people trying to go in there and getting caught. I'm not completely sure of the exact time the offices came in, but it wasn't any time recently as far as I know.
  6. It's all still there (left up for nostalgia's sake I presume). They've been using that space for offices since BMG first opened.
  7. It certainly made up for the absolutely god-awful Fear Factor house from that same year, lol. As you said, it was definitely a house that relied more on setting the scene and creating build-up. Extremely gruesome imagery, really creative forms of misdirection (that mirror scare...*shudders*), a fantastic and immersive facade, super-intense finale...it was one of the few houses that had me feeling genuinely terrified. Even today there's still a lot of aspects of it that have stuck with me. Not exactly. Blood Thunder Alley was basically just themed as a town ruled by criminals with no opposition; whereas Island Under Siege was a full-out war zone, as the idea of it was that all of the superheroes were killed and the police along with the surviving fragments of SHIELD were all that was left to oppose the villains. IUS essentially put you right in the middle of a battle that was obviously being lost. Between the crashed police cars, mutilated policemen, flamethrowers, sounds of laser battles in the sky and of the police failing to control the situation, it was pretty dang intense and really gave off a sense of hopelessness that I don't think any other zone has given me in quite the same way. Plus, the scareactors were REALLY on the mark. Really really on the mark. Carnage I felt was actually pretty well implemented; his kinda cheap-looking costume aside, he gave off an intimidating presence and drove home the idea that good has fallen. They also made the great decision of using extremely obscure villains in the zone, as otherwise it would've been a big photo-op area which would've ruined the mood. IUS was altogether an excellent example of taking something that in the wrong hands would've come off as cheesy, and instead making it into a super in-your-face kind of experience that at the same time gave off a chillingly bleak mood. It took the concept of a comic book gone horribly wrong and really ran with it. 2002 overall was probably one of the best years for scarezones, along with 2004, 2005, and 2008. It got really innovative with the idea of doing flipping each of the islands to the exact opposite "evil" versions of themselves; heck, even without using any scareactors they managed to make Seuss unsettling. Plus, it offered a lot of variety in each of its zones, not a single one feeling the same. It's just sad that the houses weren't as well-done that year (Screamhouse and Scary Tales II aside).
  8. Soundstage 19 is also still being used for filming smaller-scale productions; and yeah, I really don't see Viacom signing off on Nickelodeon being used in such a way. They probably feel the same way as Audrey Geisel does when it comes to HHN. Won't lie though, a twisted cartoon (not just Nick) house done in the same vein as Scary Tales is something I'd be interested in seeing if done right...even if it has a close to zero chance of happening.
  9. * Scary Tales: Arabian Nights * Urban Legends: Chupacabra * S.S. Frightanic: Resurfaced * Horror In Wax: Back in Business * Project Evilution (technically this was an IP house, but it had a lot of original elements to it. Basically, I'd love to see them take another shot at this concept, but this time have it be located inside the Discovery Center and give it a laboratory setting) * Hellgate Prison (give it a REAL sequel, possibly as the theme of an "Extreme House")
  10. How did I not notice this post until right now? whoopsie... It's kinda hard to narrow it down to just one; but when I think of my favorites, the first things that come to mind are the original versions of Screamhouse, Body Collectors, PsychoScareapy, Castle Vampyr, RUN, as well as Frightanic, Scary Tales III, Dead Exposure, AWIL, the 1999 Psycho house, and The Thing: Assimilation. As for scarezones, probably Fright Yard, Cemetery Mines, Island Under Siege, War of the Living Dead, Asylum in Wonderland, and Midway of the Bizarre (any version of it) - all scarezones that took an already neat concept and executed it flawlessly.
  11. I definitely thought it was weak. In some respects, I think it was actually worse than 23. 23 at least had some ambition with the whole "What Evil Has Taken Root?" thing that got stomped on by Marketing at the last minute. 24 basically gave me the feeling that A&D just gave up and bowed before the higher-ups. Plus, I would say that overall 23 had slightly better houses. AWIL, Cabin, and Evil Dead I thought were all great, and La Llorona was good as well. In 24, Halloween was the only house that really "wow'd" me, with AVP and Dollhouse also being enjoyable. Everything else was either mediocre or terrible. Sure 24 gave us real scare zones again, but how good were they really? Maskerade had good atmosphere, but not really any scares or guest interactions, and I'd say the same thing for Bayou. The Purge, while good, was certainly no Island Under Siege. And I've seen episodes of Dora the Explorer that were scarier than Face/Off. I was pretty much ready to jump ship after 24, but thankfully 25 reignited my interest. While not a complete return-to-form, it was a step in the right direction that I hope they'll keep walking in for next year, as it blew away the past three years easily.
  12. Bush man has now become one of my biggest mortal enemies after this zone. *looks up at the sky and angrily shakes fist*
  13. You know in hindsight, they made a really huge mistake in not including The Usher on any of the merchandise; as it seems he was far and away the most popular character in this zone. His stage pretty much always had a crowd around it, and he got the biggest cheers when he made his final departure.
  14. The final show was a lot fun, everyone in the audience was really enthusiastic and there were some pretty hilarious line-deviations (the highlight was when Chance did a big deviation from her "What's funny about a knife?" joke, which got a lot of cheers from the crowd). And as many people were expecting, Jack did indeed remark that he "killed Twister". Going to miss this show.
  15. Not gonna lie, I got a little choked up seeing the icons do their kills for the last time and seeing all of the characters make their final exit from the zone. It was so wonderful seeing them all again after the themeless IP maelstrom we were put through in the last three years. Those years made me really take into account as to how much they truly make the event. Only downside was that Eddie and Lady Luck weren't in the final cast, but oh well.
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