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  1. The girl who kept asking to pet her mouse was funny.
  2. I saw Patrick outside the exit of House of Horrors exit last night. Also met TJ at the game area.
  3. So I keep hearing about a secret. What is it
  4. Also the lines for the bars were horrible. In KZ there is a bar across from a food tent and the lines were crossing each other, it was difficult to get through it all. The bar line outside P&T/AC exit was across the walk way too. At one point the line in front of Silent HIll/Monsters (bar) was going across the road and there was a fight. They really need to get the lines in control...add ropes or something like the regualr stands have, or it will be a nightmare.
  5. So when we got in we went to HOH, didn't know that the houses would open at different times. We stood in line at HoH for an hour and the que line wasn't done and they house was not open yet. We said screw it and hit AC. House was ok to me, not fantastic, but ok. I def did not like the varsity guy banging on the barrell, it was TOO loud! Attempted P&T but the fire alarm was going off...Walked around the park a little trying to catch the zones. Went to attempt Silent Hill but the line was hella long. We were given an Express Pass and used it for TWD, at that point the wait time was 60 minutes. I love the video they have playing. House was great, you could actually see in it, but there is so much to look at you really don't get to see it all. We hit up HoH after this, they girl said 15-20 minutes which was about accurate. I loved this house. The simplicity made it easier for me to focus on the monsters. I loved the last room of this house too! Went over to catch Silent Hill and were given another Express Pass. Pyramid Head's costume was AMAZING!!! But the smell in the house was disgusting, it reminded me of barbeque sauce. After that we went to Gothic. I loved this house too. The camera man in the house actually got a pic of me being scared by a Gargoyle. We didn't get to do Dead End the line was getting longer and longer. As far of zones, I was displeased. We saw the beasts, a brief of the vampires bc they were moving to the next zone (def did not like how they were rushed to move along the path) saw the traditionals 2 times in the same area (not too happy with re-used costumes) and the chainsaws. One girl was awesome! Got a view of the Warriors when they were moving zones, but that was it. The zombies were pretty awesome, they scared the crap out of the same person like 6 times. I did not like all the OPEN area thohey really need to fill it up more. There was nothing between Shrek & Despicable Me. Also got a glimpse of the water show which was nice. I was told every 30 minutes it would go off. All in all I had fun, I will be back out tomorrow night and I am looking forward to the changes. Edited: to add about the bbq sauce and fix spelling
  6. There was a small black girl with a chainsaw and I sat and watched her a good 20 minutes she was awesome
  7. I'll be there employee preview night, opening night and every Wednesday & Thursday that FFP allows
  8. I get nauseous on it too. Seems like the video has gotten blurry.
  9. How did you get such a clear pic of the Facade? It also looks like its not done. I thought there were speakers or something there too.
  10. Honestly I think this Joey James is fake.
  11. Turn the shirt inside out when washing and drying. It will help save the graphics.
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