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  1. You must be a hit at parties. Do you do anything besides shitpost?
  2. And the real life serial killer isn't an atrocious recommendation? I don't even have strong feelings about Stranger Things but that comment was incredibly toxic. Like most of your posts.
  3. I was there for that last tram nonsense too and yeah that was some major fuckery! The last tram was still super fun though!
  4. American Horror Story - Asylum, Coven, Roanoke Conjuring Saw: Legacy Exorcist Trick r Treat David Pumpkins
  5. Just a heads up, yesterday during early entry anybody wearing the HHN early entry wristband was being turned away from entering Hogsmeade
  6. I loved the use of Nan Vernon's Mr Sandman at the end of the maze
  7. I've noticed over the weekend the line estimates and crowd control have been a nightmare. Last night at 8:18 we got inline for Halloween 2 with a posted 70 minute wait. We ended up walking into the maze at 11:05... Customer relations hooked us up with free FOTL for the rest of the night after I complained but still. That was beyond ridiculous
  8. Just be sure to bring them a candy bar they've been demanding
  9. My most anticipated (Obviously is American Horror Story. A little bummed they're not doing Asylum, my personal favorite season. But there's always next year! Just excited to see my favorite (aside from Scream) property repped at HHN! 2. The Exorcist. I rather like the movie but personally never found it particularly scary. But I'm super excited to see how such an iconic fllm gets pulled off in a live action setting. 3. Krampus. I was itching for this maze since I first saw the movie and I really hope it doesn't disappoint. But the movie seems tailor made to be turned into a maze 4. Halloween 2. Love that even though it's a returning theme it's a completely new concept and I bet the hospital setting for the sequel will make for some awesome scares 5. Freddy Vs. Jason. Not much to say on this one other than I'm looking for it. Just not as much as the others 6. Texas Chainsaw. Similar situaton, I'm looking forward to it, but just have never been a particularly huge TCM fan. But here's hoping this can reach the greatness of BIB 7. TWD. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Honestly I might even skip this one at the event if time is running short. It's (essentially) the same as the daytime attraction. And I'm just not a TWD fan. If it came down to it I'd probably repeat AHS before doing TWD.
  10. I'm thinking a "Rocker" branded TT. Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper is what I'm thinking. It can still be an original concept but still branded going that route...
  11. Only if Party in the USA is bumping! Hahahahah.
  12. I'm thinking Wisconsin might be Halloween 2. The Chordettes who sang Mr. Sandman are from there...
  13. Where are you getting this? The series has made about 400m across 6 movies...
  14. Are you the Zodiac Killer? Ted Cruz account spotted.
  15. My semi-realistic dream 2016 line up. Any dream line up of mine would include Scream and AHS but considering those are unlikely at this point I'll go elsewhere... The Conjuring (JP Extended) Trick r Treat (Parisian) Scream Queens (Mummy) Freddy Vs Jason (SS) Krampus/Dark Christmas (Backlot)
  16. Trivia. I had to know the name Spielberg gave the shark from Jaws (Bruce) The poster is now proudly above my bed!
  17. We tried all the scare patrol spots Thursday to no luck. (Although I wound up winning a Krampus poster in line for This Is The End). At the end of the night we managed to get the Franco Flyers in line for Insidious around 1 or so.
  18. Awesome! You must have been in line right by us last night waiting for TWD to open.
  19. Dude, your grammar and spelling leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn't be calling others out like this...
  20. Tonight's wait times are actually looking pretty manageable. Nothing has broken an hour wait yet.
  21. Walking Dead is now showing No wait! My brain can't comprehend
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