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  1. I've tried following strategies like this in the past and it still never seems to work. Especially when the only time I can go is on a Fri or Sat. I do realize that there are still FOL passes, but for only 1 time through for each ride and maze... not really worth it IMO. But if you guys still seem to like supporting this event while they keep raising prices and taking more and more away...
  2. Well, it looks like I will not be attending the event this year. We like to come down from WA for one night of fun, and this was going to be the year we were finally going to be able to try the VIP experience. If the VIP experience does not come back, looks like HHN's is out for me permanently. My idea of fun isn't waiting in 2hr lines for a 3 minute maze.
  3. Bump for a good question! Also, I'm wondering if you can skip doing the backlot part of the VIP experience? Seems kinda lame, and a time waster to me. If I lived more local, maybe I'd be more inclined to take the tour, but I only get to come down maybe one a year from Washington State. I have been to 2 HHN's (2011, 2012) and both times did the Day/Night pass. The crowds on a Friday or Sat seemed to prove to much with this ticket level option. And for people in their 30's and 40's, waiting in 2hr lines for mazes just isnt't cutting it anymore. So I am happy that I will be trying out the VIP this year, but want to make the most out of it. My main interests will be: The Mazes, The rides, the "free" parking, and "free" food and drinks.
  4. Hi! I am doing the day/night combo, and I was wondering... Where is the best place to park? Which lot is closest to the entrance? I plan on parking there in the morning, then when they kick us out of the park to get the haunt ready, I'll just pop on over to Citywalk to kill time. Then I'll do the haunt. Hoping I can stay parked in the same place all day/night! Thanks!
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