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  1. So back on topic, Kevin as the "I think there's something wrong with Kevin" angle, and the paedophobia would coincide extremely well... It could be akin to previous experiences but more concentrated, it could be linked to the Trick or Treaters from last year and be given a more dark intense element. Continuing from last years event... Also Balloons, Paedophobia, can be tied with a phobic themed HHN or House, where individually set up zones and houses are to cater to specific phobias which could link Fear into it and give him a decent icon house... -just my take on it-
  2. Caziques... With the Indian and native American angle, leading to a Spanish word for an native American chief, could this be related to Chupacabras and other Mexican myths or Urban Legends...
  3. If it were we need to talk about Kevin that sounds wonderful for HHN Right up the alley of the Skool and etc, its definitely ab interesting idea... Serial Killers... The new Hannibal series for NBC makes me wonder about an asylum or that type of house but remembering how often Shady Brook appeared makes me feel that as a more than likely (not gonna happen for a while) scenario...
  4. Yay IP's, hopefully done correctly and which ones... Bfjgrjfjfrjfrsk STOP KEEPING SECRETS I WANT TO KNOW NOW ;~;
  5. Wishful Thinking: Scarezone, location-Grown Evil back in 2010 or 2011, Coulrophobic it is near where Classic Monsters house was from last year, related and linked to the house. House called Phobic or Phobia or some iteration of it, could easily have Fear himself in the house but could work just the same without him. The facade would be an old worn looking hospital, the entrance room has passerby activated sounds, the room could easily be reused or resembling the opening of Walking Dead. You enter through the hospital and on the ground are flashlights (bolted down) that illuminate dimly, a sign above the door reads, patients subject to experimentation. You enter a hall with glass cells, all are seemingly empty and bolted with bloody walls and decrepit accommodations. You get to the end of the hall and there is an open cell and inside it a poor soul who has hanged himself. You must walk under his legs to proceed,I'd like to think some nights they use a prop and others a scareactor with a special harness to be suspended in the air. Anyway before I go way past the point of too much detail, the premise is you enter as a visitor to the hospital, and are bombarded with a strangely sweet scent, you walk in and investigate further the first hall is full of cells for the test subjects. You must continue through the only open cell, where a scrim would momentarily pop up with a silhouette standing there before a sound cue and blast of air scare you directing your attention while a scareactor hidden in debris attacks. As you advance to the surgeons center you fund a bloody body and a voice is heard through an intercom "Subject after being thoroughly induced with the inhalant tore away his own skin. It interests me then to what will happen to you?" (nod back to the sweet inhalant) the ground vibrates and projections display a distortion effect. You end up going through the chambers and halls of the maze and each is demonstrating another subject and a phobia, a room built like an Aquarian with water dripping and "tanks" of water above you for those with fear of drowning. So on and so forth for each room the area is more severe and the exit is claustrophobia entering an elevator one at a time and having the walls slowly close in on you as you reach your final destination and exit. (beyond wishful thinking there but still)
  6. Omg, Doc added my guess to the video! -fanboying everywhere- but back to the guessing... Bioshock as a series has inspired house before right or was the Saws and Steam house just very similar? Because I believe the Columbia angle could be quite interesting. Also, let me see, Balloons. I really like your digging Chadley. Hmm... Balloons... I still always go back to IT and then go back to Stephen King. Haha in my dreams it will happen! Or nightmares...
  7. Balloons, I immediately go to the obvious, clowns more specifically Pennywise, but the AWL is or seems much more likely... I think it could go more broad from the "It" direction... What about a broader Stephen King house?...
  8. I think its more than reasonable to assume eight houses, withstanding no sudden demolitions. I also enjoy the century of fear angle. I'd like for there to be at least three or four scare zones if possible, and then if they wanted to give the roaming hoarded another go have at it. I would adore the dual park concept but very much doubt it. I would also enjoy a play or call or return or nod off back to the fear arch, closed or not I'd like to see him done properly. Also this may be the wrong thread but, did anyone catch a "battle" between Darkness and the Nightmare back in xiii? Or is that just something made up on the wiki... Sorry for any irrelevance.
  9. I really miss the coulrophobic factor. Though who am I to speak. I think a revisited clowns zone would be really good. But blah I suppose tis just my bias. Oh does anyone know if they will do ScareZones? Sorry if it has been previously discussed...
  10. This was the scariest group by far and I loved every second of it. You're group is phenomenal! Keep being absolutely amazing!
  11. I loved this horde, they got me good when I was sitting on a bench they are relentless and al around incredible. One guy jumped in the despicable me line and TERRIFIED so many people, and jumped out they were marvelous.
  12. I have to say excellently done this year, I really could recommend every house a million times over as each had their merrits and the actors where phenomenal! I went with some casual fans and we all thurroughly enjoyed it, I understand the actors are not allowed to break character but I think directions shouldn't have been out of the question... My friend was attempting to find the prisoners and began asking the people and then some of the actors and they just walked away, I think an ominous pointing could have sufficed....
  13. Three months ago everyone and their mother was hailing this as the worst event ever. Now this...
  14. People hit the actors? Oh I see problems brewing hopefully everything will be fine...
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