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  1. I really like the look of the house shirt as well. And I agree with those saying the icon tee has more of a feminine design. That being said, I really wish HHN would take a look at HOS merchandise and make women's shirts! I only wear the guy's sizes as sleep shirts, but a comfy v-neck will be worn year 'round everywhere. I purchased nearly every women's HOS shirt this year because they look so amazing with the fit and style.
  2. Cannot wait for all of the info on this year's HOS

  3. So I remember you telling me you are in a new house... are you in Alone?

  4. I have to agree with you, I had way more fun exploring the HOS site. I hope this isn't the final site as I have always enjoyed playing games/ searching for clues/ exploring things. Although, I suppose last year's site had the same amount of information, just some extra (and very awesome-looking) visuals. My favorite site is still COC with the interactive games!
  5. The fire in The Hunted started because a stupid guest flicked a lit cigarette onto a prop couch. It was actually difficult to evacuate the house because guests thought it was just really awesome special effects. So hopefully that won't be a problem ever again haha. The best part of that house, even more than burning wood smells, was the thick fog; I hope to see that in any good fire-themed house. An interesting fact is that actors cannot actually use the word "fire" at the event. I was a burning alive victim in the HOS house The Mortuary in '05 and could say anything but that word for safety reasons. At least, that's how it worked at HOS. I'll be interested in how HHN handles the situation with such a fire-themed event.
  6. Excited the HOS website is LIVE!!!

  7. Lol I will definitely let you know. are there a lot of new houses this year?

  8. Thanks! I'm glad to do my job well ; ) I'll be in a new house this year, so hopefully I can scare you again lol. I'll post what times I'll be on shift, and you should prob post what you are wearing to the park, muhahaha!

  9. after viewing your pictures, I never realized that you have been scaring me so well these past two years that I've went! I can't wait to run and scream from you this year! I'm going I think October 2nd. :)

  10. Congrats on being cast in a new house! :D

  11. is in a brand new HOS house this year!

  12. I will definitely be at HoS this year! I will likely come down towards the end of the run, closer to my birthday. I have the whole week before Halloween off for vacation! I can't wait to be scared by you!

  13. Thanks a lot Mae! I'm also the one that ran into at HHN last year; we talked for a bit about HOS. I look forward to seeing you again this year! Muhahahaha!!! hehe ; )

  14. Seeing your pictures, I realize that you've been scaring me for years! You're awesome!

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