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  1. If I didn't have a full time job, I'd be at that Predator audtion
  2. Sorry. I don't get it either, but once I started going in on the puzzle, people screamed spoiler. BTW....This would have been cool. I can only imagine how they would have done the facade:
  3. Ritual matches my pic above. The rest of my 'decoding' I'll save. It was a lot of work, but fun.
  4. You'd think...but, according to the blurred picture, it just doesn't fit. Only connection I could make with crow was the new Tonto
  5. Ha! Was fishing. Sure it's not totally wrong. Also, I have no assumtions. I'll go back to work though. Thanks for the heads up! BTW The rest of it clicked pretty quick. I can't show everything I've found out. That would be a spoil.
  6. Guess there is no harm in showing just a part of the 'puzzle' I've been working on. Kudos to SeventyOne on the assist. Again, I could be wrong.
  7. If it's the same thing I'm seeing, it's crazy. Almost done with the full sheet btw.
  8. Breifly posted more of the blurred page unblurred. Didn't feel comforable with it so I took it down. Still not 100% done.....and I could be wrong.
  9. My bad. I'll keep the rest to meself ;-) It's falling into place a matching letter or two at a time, with some basic etymology for the harder parts. *Goes back to lurker*
  10. Once I got the font type, size and color, it turned into a fun puzzle game. Still working with a cocktail and spooky tunes.
  11. Reminds me of a Jonathon Colton song:
  12. I agree with the ride entrance assesment. But the midway game walls and construction was all removed when I was there this past weekend. Its back to a normal queue. Odd.
  13. Funny, I posted this here last night but it seems to have vanished...anyway, here it is again. They currently have "zones" of Dragons right now in Universal Studios Japan for a limited engagment. Not that saying they'd be the same, but interesting they already have a similar "theme"
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