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  1. That trailer just brought my excitement through the freaking roof!!! Seriously cannot wait for this maze! Beware The Moon Everybody!
  2. Yeah my first time I went, BTTF was there and instantly fell in love! That was my childhood! My first time at USH Jurassic Park wasnt even built
  3. My true heartheartbreak was when they got rid of BTTF The Ride still hurts to this day.
  4. Hey another blurry pic was posted on snapchat awhile ago and on the HHN Hollywood fb page theu posted the same snapchat pic and it said "Why FACE time when you have snapchat. " all these hints going on today it probably is something related to Face/Off
  5. I know I hardly post on here just adding my 2 cents here but we all know AWIL will be here in the JP venue but for something in the back of my mind is telling me that its not especially looking at the facade too me it looks a lil to Michael Myers-ish and it looks alot like the facade thats being built in Orlando. Idk if you guys feel the same way but thats just me
  6. Watch it AVP in the HOH this whole time hahaha! Alien Vs Predator In The House Of Horrors!
  7. I believe this first announcement will be The Purge for the fact that the movie is coming out next month and this would a good time to advertise the movie and the maze or whatever the Purge will be this year and of course that seems like a good IP to announce first to get the ball rolling for HHN.
  8. I hardly post on spec but I just thought id tell you about the HHN Snapchat...Murdy sent 2 videos the first was him saying this is the official Horror Nights snapchat the usual and the 2nd was him at what looked like on the backlot talking about working late as for horror nights then in the background Mike joins in and says hi and thats all. Nothing important but just thought id share
  9. I could see the maze tittle be called, The Walking Dead:Those Who Arrive Survive
  10. If band mazes are gunna be apart of our event from now on I would like to see Rob Zombie come back and do an original based maze like they did in the early years of HHN but he's got his event now, and it would be so badass having a Danzig maze! Lol
  11. I just wanna let everybody know that I have already the inside scoop on HHN 2014! TOTALLY KIDDING! Joking around. I'm not like those peeps that seem to know everything! Lol Anyways back to wishful thinking, I agree HHN 2014 needs to be the rise of Sam with him taking over Terror Tram and a maze!
  12. HHN Hollywood 2013: El Cucuy: The Boogeyman Insidious: Into The Further The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven Evil Dead: Book of The Dead Black Sabbath 13 3D Monsters Remix Resurrection HHN Hollywood Mazes of All Time: Halloween:Life and Crimes of Micheal Myers La Llorona: Child Hunter (12) El Cucuy: The Boogeyman (13) Friday The 13th: Camp Blood (07,08) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Saw is The Law (12) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back In Business (07,08) The Asylum (06) A Nightmare On Elm Street: Home Sweet Hell (08) Friday The 13th: Kill Jason Kill (10) Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare (11) Insidious: Into The Further (13) A Nightmare On Elm Street: Freddy's Nightmare (07) My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever (09) The Thing: Assimilation (11) The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven (13) The Walking Dead: Dead Inside (12) Evil Dead: Book of The Dead (13) Hostel: Hunting Season (11) A Nightmare On Elm Street: Never Sleep Again (10) Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D (12) Welcome To Silent Hill (12) Saw: Game On (10) Saw: Game Over (09) Black Sabbath 13 3D (13) House of A Thousand Corpuses (10,11) House of Horrors (07) Chuckys Funhouse (09) Vampyre: Castle of The Undead (10) The Wolfman: Curse of Talbot Hall (11) Monsters Remix (12,13) House of Horrors Meets The Strangers (08) Universals House of Horrors (06)
  13. Every I've gone to HHN (Since 06) I do everything then when I'm finished me and my group decide which one is our fav then go on that. So this is my list of mazes I've done the most and least since 06. 2006 MOST: Terror Tram (3X) LEAST: Universal House of Horrors 2007 MOST: Friday The 13th: Camp Blood (4x, this was the time before long lines haha) LEAST: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, yes this maze is my fav out of the whole history of HHN but first time going thru it I was terrified and didn't wanna do it again haha 2008 MOST: ANOES: Home Sweet Hell (3x) LEAST: HOH Meets The Strangers 2009 MOST: My Bloody Valentine (4x) LEAST: Saw: Game Over 2010 (This is where HHN got packed lol) MOST: HOTC (2X) LEAST: FT13 (Fav maze of that year but only went on it once cuz of the damm long line!) 2011 MOST: Alice Cooper: WTMN (2x) LEAST: The Wolfman 2012 MOST: TCM: Saw is the Law (2x) LEAST: The Walking Dead (Those damm lines) 2013 MOST: El Cucuy (4x) LEAST: Monsters Remix
  14. I voted for El Cucuy cuz the both times I went (Opening Night and mid October) scares were on point and got scared every scene! Even the 2nd night there were scares that I didn't see coming! And I love the concept of the maze and I absolutely love the sets! I'm into the whole runned down creepy movie theater and you gotta love Cucuys "Man" Cave soo disturbing but damm good. lol
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