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  1. Sup everyone, not sure anyone will read/see this, but if you're here: WELCOME, and thanks. I'll keep it pretty vague and sweet. HHN 2017 marks my 8th year at HHN, and my FIRST time doing the R.I.P. tour. I had done opening weekend on Saturday (09/16/17-General Admission) a few weeks prior, but I mixed rum and tequila (which I'm told is a "no-no".....Yes, I am not a big drinker) and you can imagine what a shitty time I had, but that's a story for another time. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST, 2017: We pulled into the Vallet lot around 4PM, did some browsing on city walk, ect, and we checked in around 4:50PM and hung out in the lobby until around 5:10PM....We made our way to go have dinner which was scheduled for 5:20PM. Overall, Check-In could've felt a little more organized, but it is what it is. As for the food, the selections were awesome for a fat ass like myself. Tri-Tip, Sushi, Desserts, Chicken fingers, ect, you name it. We met with our guide, a super cool, knowledgable previous scareactor from last years KRAMPUS maze, around 6:20PM and headed into the madness. We had, I think, 12-14 people in our group, all who stayed with us the entire time. NOTE: the Guide actually went INTO all the mazes with us which was pretty badass....His job was to guide us through EVERY maze up until we got on the terror tram. which is how the "guided" portion of the tour was concluded....(He informed us that if we wanted to do the rides, that we could do them on our own, as we wouldn't be doing them as a group because they are always there during the day which was understandable...He also said that if at anytime, we wanted to break from the group that this was Ok, but just to let him know....) We started off on the METRO sets doing AVED, SAW, AHS and then we went through the URBAN INFERNO scarezone.....Soon after we made our way through the TOXIC TUNNEL scarezone and hit INSIDIOUS, and The Shining....We made our way to the upper lot and hit Blumhouse, The Walking Dead, and Titans of Terror (my Personal favorite). Afterwards we made our way down to the Terror Tram around 9:30PM ish. Our guide said goodbye as we got on the Tram and left him behind.....afterwards we went back through the park and took advantage of our unlimited FOL, doing every maze an additional 2 times (Walking Dead/Terror Tram aside) We also skipped the Jabawockeez show (R.I.P. Bill and Ted......RIDICULOUS)...sorry, still irritated about that whole ordeal. Overall, despite the repeat themes, I love HHN differently each year, and while this year wasn't my favorite, I still enjoyed lots (The Shining, AVED, Titans, Ect.) Let's be honest, after 2016, I never expected to see the event be topped, period, but that's just me. We bought our tickets back in August/September for $279 and thought it was fair....I mean, come on? UNLIMITED FOL, Dinner, Valet parking, ect....Idk. It wasn't bad.....I think it would be cool if they threw in a shirt or something, but I'd love to do it again. Horror has no price!!! Anyway, hope this review has helped anyone ect...If you have the cash and LOVE HHN regardless, I think this is something fun to experience at least once. Lot's of cool perks to enjoy, I think..... I recorded a quick 5 minute Montage-esc. "Vlog" showcasing some of the highlights of my R.I.P. experience if anyone is interested in checking it out. I'll post it down here....Thanks for checkin' it out! Keep it spooky. -Elias S. aka TheFAKEHorrorFan
  2. You'll be fine. Merch typically doesn't sell out (from my experience) In the past however, on HALLOWEEN and the first few days in November is when they mark down all/most of the shirts at 20-50% off which makes certain sizes more scarce to find. But in general, I think you should be fine. Hope that helps.
  3. I disliked the films, honestly and they actually put me to sleep......No film has ever done that, however the mazes were fun. I'll give the films another try before the event....This was years ago, so who knows?
  4. LOL, while I'm not too bummed about it, I get what you're saying.... If we take a step back and really look closer, this entire year is one huge mashup of repeat themes (the shining and blumhouse maze excluded) We've done AHS, Evil Dead, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Insidious, Chucky, Saw, ect, and don't get me wrong I am stoked for this year, blumhouse aside, but as I said, every theme except the listed above has been done in some way "All NEW maze" or not......I am stoked for AvED,The Shining, and Titans the most however.. I'm not complaining because I'll be doing G.A. and R.I.P. this year, but my goodness, I don't think last year's lineup will EVER be topped, just my two cents.
  5. jamie lee curtis taete can seriously BURN IN HELL. He is the idiot vice reporter that complained and got our show taken down in Hollywood. Pisses me off that now we are stuck with this weak dance show, but alas, its just one thing for me to avoid. Anyway, back to speculating.
  6. Very true. Isn't it also against the law for them to QUESTION a guests "medical excuse"? I can understand proper proof being needed for the pass, but then like you said, people threatening for lawsuits as usual. If that JLCT idiot can go as far enough as to get our beloved Bill And Ted show dead for good, then obviously "the customer will always be right" no matter what. Then again, as I said, with all due respect, can you really blame some people for not wanting to pay for FOL. It's a contradiction, I know, but the cycle continues.
  7. With all due respect, I am curious. with UNIVERSAL constantly rising the prices with general admission, and FOL, don't you think more people would be abusing the orange cards as a way to take advantage of the system? I'm not saying it's right, but I'm surprised more people don't do this, seeing as the ticket prices keep sky rocketing each year. I myself will be doing both G.A. and VIP, as I've never experienced it before. I'm sure there are some people that actually DO need the orange pass, but I don't know. People will abuse it as always I'm sure. Catch 22, I guess?
  8. I saw that one of the kids was working there at the event for awhile, and they ended up selling all of their HHN collectables on eBay. I messaged them and asked what had happened with them, but they just ignored me. LOL. Oh, well. What can you do?
  9. Now with SAW finally being announced, I'm wondering if this will make the return of the SAW TWINS Whatever happened to those kids, anyone know?
  10. Hey everyone. It's been ages since I've posted on here, but with the Brand NEW Cult of Chucky trailer dropping today and the new film being released (10/3/17) I reached out to writer, director DON MANCINI via twitter and he confirmed that we would be seeing Chucky incorporated in this years HHN somehow. (my guess being a scare zone, as previously done in 2013 for the promotion for "Curse of Chucky") _ what does my fellow HHN family think?
  11. Selling some sipper cups from previous hhn years in case anyone is interested 2006 2010-2014 Inbox me
  12. Not sure if there is already a thread out there. Was curious how fellow HHN fans would feel about selling misc. Merchandise from previous years and or trading. Starting first I have a HUGE bus stop sized poster from 2012 I'm looking to sell. No clue how to attach pics from my phone but this is the poster http://www.stuffwelike.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/IMAG03811.jpg Make me an offer. Poster is like new-near mint.. Purchased on eBay In 2012 for over $100 Poster is on thick vinyl.
  13. While this year's lineup doesn't seem the greatest thus far... I'm happy to be an employee of the park where tickets are discounted and our preview night is a perk which is a huge plus.
  14. Employee preview....Wed Sept 18 from 7-11PM I WORK for USH, so it should be pretty awesome...I THINK, we may get 2 tickets for the event, but I'm not 100% more details soon.
  15. saved my cup but someone threw it away while I was working...LOL! Gotta buy a new one now.. a month and two days and HHN will be LIVE!
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