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  1. I don't know if it's just me, but these pictures aren't appearing at all.
  2. It begins! This is the first upload, and I will upload a new one every day until we get to HHN 21. Later today I'll be uploading the site for HHN 15. I tried to record as much of the Flash elements as possible.
  3. Thank you! Let me know when you find out
  4. I've been going through the websites for HHN 14 - 21 using a screen recorder, and I'm going to upload all of them onto YouTube.
  5. On the page for Castle Vampyr on the HHN 14 website, when you click on the note that says "Research Vampyre Estate Online," it redirects to a dead link. Where did it originally go?
  6. The HHN Orlando FB page made a post that has a handful of wonderful HHN Zoom backgrounds. Enjoy!
  7. Had this idea the other day. Does anyone have any images of scarezones or scenes from their favourite houses? That way you can make it look like you're calling in from where we all wish we could be right now
  8. Unfortunately it won’t display. It just says “Please update your account to 3rd party hosting.” Is there any other way you could post it?
  9. Oh yeah, when the website was live, just about everything worked. I would replay the audio from Mary's diary all the time. The progression of her character was amazing.
  10. The site says that its domain name is past its expiration date. That doesn't sound good . . .
  11. Is the horrornights.be website working for anyone else? I love going on the old (better) websites, and I really hope that website isn't gone forever. I've been working on some crafts based on old things from the website, but now I can't. Does anyone know the website creator?
  12. YES! This is exactly what I like to see! Could you provide the PDF for this?
  13. Sorry, but I am one of the people that supports that decision. I've worked at numerous haunted before, and just being a haunted attraction makes guests act weird. People aren't hesitant to grab, punch, or say horrible things to the scareactors sober, and alcohol tends to fuel that. Mind you, that would all still happen without the booze, but significantly less.
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