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  1. Applied for Knott's as Assistant Stage Manager. Got an interview after receiving a no. Then didn't get a single thing after the interview. Not even a no. Just nothing. Called, they didn't know. KOOL. Applied to the same thing at Queen Mary and got Support Usher instead. Think my scareacting days are over (just not feeling it this year at all, which is why I didn't apply). But I'll be here. Supporting. I don't even know what my literal duties are yet.. Lol.
  2. Hello. I live in Southern Cali again, and I thought about auditioning here again, but decided against it. May work at Knott's as talent or supervisor (I've applied to supervisor, but they pulled the job from the job board and I haven't heard anything so I'mma assume nah). Anyway, this lineup doesn't really peak my interest all that much, but I feel like it will for a lot of 'classic' people.
  3. More info for the one or two people who care: Did preview night last night. Tooth Fairy is actually kinda good? It's real dark. I don't like how many objects that CGA puts in the middle of the floors, but whatever. They said they wanted to try a shit ton of stuff for this maze. They have a crawling area, and a specific floor at the end (I haven't seen it used yet, though). But overall, it's good for a CGA maze. Idk anything about the Knott's maze, but from what I was told, it has very few similarities to that one; so it's its own thing. Also was told during orientation that Toy Factory would probably come back since the person who runs the event loved the maze so much. So idk.
  4. The costumes for the stranger things demon is also apparently as challenging, or more challenging than the Alien suit from whatever those years were. So that's kool. Apparently like half or more than half overheated on preview night, I think.
  5. Prob not gonna do a review thread so if anyone has any questions. Just ask. Quick overview: Didn't go last year so can't compare. I think the overall has gotten worse since I worked in 2015. Like noticeably worse. Trick r Treat: 100% bias. Still my favourite maze. Black hallways and all and shit. The transition black hallways saying what's coming up is way better than just black hallways. Or picture frames or whatever. Stranger Things: Kool. Then black hallways. But then kool again. Classic Monster's: Tbh, not the worst. Sets arent great but at least had some sort of differences I think. The first part and then separation to another part is kinda kool. Think it could be expanded. Halloween: overall good. Not much else to say. Purge: holy shit trash. Wtf. Blumhouse: honestly not terrible. Not great. The Girl part is probably the best tbh. Poltergeist: Pretty good. Lots of blackout/puppets. Walking Dead: Walking Dead. I don't like scarezones being one way walks. Really pulls me from immersion. I wanna be able to stand there and watch or pay attention to detail. Feels so forced. And scarezone 1 feels like trash to do that in, but it's the only one where you're not forced to walk. Terror tram was really bad. What did they do. It already sucked and they just. Wut. Overall. I didn't like the line up before going. I think the event has gone downhill. My little amount of friends who still work there from when I worked say it's changed and it's more strict and they lost scaring freedom. So. That sucks. Also no gogos? Gr8. I'll be at Great America. Which isn't any better. Lol.
  6. It was like. A kool room. Then black hallway. Then a kool room again. But yeah. That line is ridiculously long.
  7. Is it still better to go back lot to lower lot to upper lot? Or lower lot then back lot then upper lot? Rides excluded.
  8. All casting emails have been sent so if you didn't get one you're not cast at this time. Some might trickle in or after opening weekend when everyone quits tho.
  9. Hello, Very random topic but I'm kinda desperate. My dog got ran over by a car and shattered his leg on July 27th. I'm still just a college student so obivously money is non-existent for me. The vet bill ended up being $7,000+. All the details are in the GoFundMe link. I'm not asking for donations, but if someone were to, it'd be greatly appreciated. All I'm asking is for a read and a share to get the page out there. I can answer any questions if they're not answered in the link. Thanks. https://www.gofundme.com/5vo2qiw
  10. They struggle hiring because people quit. I obviously don't know facts and only worked there one year but it felt like more than half the people in the mazes by the end of the season were new hires lol. Even then, the new hires quit. And they hire pretty much everyone as far as I'm concerned, apart from the obvious ones who wouldn't work. I'm sure they expect people to quit and all, but like. Damn. They need new management tbh, because the two 15s and a 30 for this job is ridiculous per night. I know other places have it worse and even Universal had been worse in the past but like. If you want people to stay, make adjustments.. it's just poorly managed. But maybe I'm just spoiled after working at Horror Nights first. Idk. I'd help them run it if they hired me lol. Anyway. I didn't even know they got rid of skeleton key. Maybe not making enough money. Not popular enough. Requires separate auditions and whatnot. Probably hard to recast at CGa. I'm just guessing though. And no, they didn't mention any revamping of old mazes. Just said they were there again and that the scarezone and tooth fairy was new. And I love doing new shit even if it ends up sucking. Although I'm glad I didn't end up in chaos house or I would've died from that mess.
  11. So if I do the 4 pm option, can I be downstairs or on the backlot for the early opening mazes? Or they forcing me to exit and go back? I know it was semi discussed two posts ago but I feel like this might be different. It's either that or free parking for me but I'm thinking the early entry since I'm going one of those days anyway.
  12. Guess I'll just say the new stuff since, whatevz. Toy Factory is gone is replaced with Tooth Fairy. Whatever the scarezone outside of Demon was is replaced with Reepers (I think they spelled it like that). And funny, I was in the prom scene at Zombie High last year. Although I ended up just walking around the entire maze at some point and hung around the exit as well toward the end.
  13. I know like maybe two people here care about this haunt, but since I'm working it again, I felt I may as well post something. There's two new things this year compared to last year. One's a new maze, one's a new scarezone. One of a long-time running maze will not be there anymore. Idk if I should post them or not. But maybe. I'm sure you'll find out soon if it's not already somewhere on the internet. I'll be in the new maze as a 'child.' Because both my personality and my stature is that of a child. I didn't wanna do scarezones because their break scheduling sucks. A lot.
  14. I am so sad I won't be working this year. ): Been waiting for Trick r' Treat since I started working, or even just going before that... And now I live in Norcal. Wasn't even able to visit last year. I'm going out of my way to visit this year, but still. Really wish I could work. D:
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