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  1. A friend of mine who is also well over 6 foot was put in pool too. Must be them preparing themselves for the inevitable dropouts after weekend one.
  2. They still work there. Not going to name names because it's not my place, especially since I'm not returning this year. Like Kursed said, some of the best times of my life took place at HHN. That's why I went back and worked it for four years. After a while, it's too much though. Maybe things will be different now, who knows.
  3. I've seen Kursed perform and he's great at it. HHN has become so much more business-oriented and favorite-based in recent years than it was when I first started working there and I don't have a problem making it public. For example, TWD in 2015 was nothing short of a big hot mess. It was the highest rated and most anticipated maze of the year, not the mention the largest maze they've ever done. One would think that, under these circumstances, the people put in charge of such an endeavor would have a certain amount of haunt supervisory experience. Instead, the supervisors were all completely new and, while they did the best they could, it wasn't enough. That maze was the worst to work in. It was over-heated because there was no ventilation due to its size, scareactors were disciplined for ridiculous reasons (for example, a friend got in trouble for leaving his spot to report that a guest had hit him, which is exactly what you're supposed to do), and the prestige of the maze itself far overshadowed the well-being of the scareactors. The icing on the cake came when it was decided that TWD, which was already the early entry maze, would have an even earlier opening time without adjusting the call times or pay rate of the scareactors. We were doing more work without recourse and getting in trouble with the supervisors because we couldn't make it through makeup in time to get to set for opening. People were fired over it. It was very demoralizing and I'm glad that I was moved to a different location after spraining my ankle. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade or diminish anyone's excitement at having the opportunity to work there, but I suppose it's good to know what to expect.
  4. Both of us bailed after all the crap from 2015. That was a bad year. I'm curious to know all of that as well, but I heard it was a lot more rigid in comparison to previous years and that a lot of the fun was gone because of ~corporate~.
  5. Same. I'm probably not going to be able to work it now, as I would have had to tell my day job far in advance. Oh well.
  6. every year. i've been physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, harassed, etc. it's a really tough job.
  7. It's just them looking for more tall dudes. They know that if they send an email with only the part about what they're looking for, they'll be bombarded by inquiry emails. You can basically ignore it, unless you know a tall dude.
  8. My second year, I wasn't cast until after the first week of HHN had ended. People, especially newbies, drop out like flies after the first weekend. Even if you don't get an email in the first casting round, odds are pretty good to be hired later down the road.
  9. Drawing them where? A lot of people are shy, that doesn't result in them being banned? What did they say?
  10. Once I heard back two weeks after auditioning, but another time it was over a month.
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