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  1. The confirmation is dated 6/17/2016 at the top. If anyone else has gotten their confirmation, please confirm this.
  2. Not sure if anyone has already posted this, but I just got my Unmasking the Horror tour confirmation and it says to meet at VIP services area AT Islands of Adventure!
  3. Thanks for the response... I did RSVP to that, but in the past, they still offered RIP on AP nights. I was thinking maybe a late press event or something? I also didn't know if the Scareactor Dining Experience would make a difference, but the dates don't coincide to all of the blocked out RIP tours. I'm thinking something else may be up... It's just very misleading (if not, dishonest) to claim those dates are "sold out" when they were never available to begin with.
  4. Any clue what's going on the 18th, 19th, 25th and 3rd? All RIP tours read "sold out". I contacted VIP Services to see if there is a wait list and was informed that they aren't sold out... they were never available to begin with due to special events. Any word on what those events may be?
  5. Unfortunately, I hear you brother... Money for me isn't so much the issue, but realizing the "tried and true" are being so ignored and the pandering to (let's face it, "punks") has sent me looking for greener (darker) pastures. I too am going to Tampa (though I've been many times before). I'm concerned about HOS budget cuts, but with Scott Swenson's "The Vault of Souls" and "Scream-a-geddon" happening in Tampa, I'm hopeful. What are the three events you mention?
  6. For those who've never done it, it's well worth the expense--even without the new interactive element. I've done the tour for the past 2 years. The ability to repeat houses front of the line all night... awesome. Orlando only offers this with the private RIP tour starting at $1250! The private lounge is also a nice perk and you'll actually use it. In the past it stayed open all night (couldn't tell from this years description) and I stopped by frequently. Also, in the past, the buffet was light appetizers and desert. This year the description reads, "extensive gourmet dinner buffet and desert", plus two glasses of either wine or beer if you so choose. On the outside, a decent meal with drinks alone would set you back substantially. So if you need more reason to justify your decision, subtract that from the cost. Finally, the event is becoming so crowded (like Orlando), I wouldn't go without it on a Friday or Saturday if you're from out of town like me. Financially, it's a stretch for me to go, but I've never regretted the decision...
  7. AM and PM, September 21st, just me.
  8. No offense, but have you been to local haunts lately. You could do a short tour of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and see more permanent local haunts, three times as long and with more detail. Don't get me wrong, I love HHN and will always go too, but Universal needs to realize that there is more and more competition. The streets tie the houses together adding to one stop shopping. But they've really dropped the ball lately. Unless you want to get "wasted", if you live in any big city, you can drive to more haunts with better sets and much longer mazes. Before you flame me, please realize, I like you, LOVE HHN! But there's no denying it has gotten progressively worse. I offer disappointment only because I want Universal to "fix" it. Yes, the crowds are bigger. But also, take a look at them. I'm not quite sure it's the demographic Universal wants. This same problem happenend to Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt. I critisize only because I don't want to lose something I love. *And by demographic I mean younger punks and drunks. Typically with less money to spend than tourists.
  9. Loooooong time lurker, but I have to chime in... I'm from out-of-state and have come every year since '05. Last year, I brought newbees, and no offense to the actors (who are always pretty awesome), I was completely embarrassed by the streets. I told them how great they were in the past and how you could walk through multiple times. And while I knew there were no defined streets, I thought there would be something... It was horrible in my opinion. You can only watch the "hordes" so many times and that was hit or miss if you even saw them. I used to be able to sit on a bench and watch the scare zones and people's reactions for a good, long while. Sorry, but thank goodness HOS is having scare zones this year (albeit only three), so at least I'll be able to show them a little of what the streets used to be at HHN Orlando. I go to Hollywood HHN too, and sad to say, even though they have fewer houses, at this rate they're going to outdo Orlando very soon. I write all this only in hopes that someone, somewhere reading has the influence to correct the event (of course it's too late this year). HHN Orlando is slowly becoming an every couple of years event like HOS used to be. Please don't be angry and slam me, but I'm looking more forward to HOS and Hollywood this year and I'm a HHN Orlando fanatic. Of course I'll give it a chance. It might be great. But odds are I'll go through each house with Express then either wait in 2 hour lines to repeat or (more likely) leave early. I'm really disappointed in this news. I hope I'm really, really wrong.
  10. What @ Quigley = Billy Crudup? He worked w/Maggie Quigley (Maggie Q) & turned down Titanic among other big roles.
  11. I guess I missed it. Did anyone guess it? It was most likely referring to Tom Sellek. He was in a movie called Quigley Down Under & turned down the Indiana Jones role...
  12. Please don't blast me. I've visited the website. I've followed the forums as best I can. I've read the reviews. But does anyone have a more detailed description of the house back stories? I totally get the general ideas, I just don't want to miss any of the intricate story line details that are usually present. If this has been covered, I'm sorry about duplicating. But could someone post a link to where I may find this? Thanks.
  13. Not sure if it's a big event, but some of Columbus's ships reported seeing an unusual light from the surface to the sky. Some claim it was Alien in origin???
  14. Gotcha. I don't really understand these things. I guess Dreamworks made it, then sold it to Touchstone(Disney). I didn't realize distributors owned rights. Too complicated for me, but worth a shot...
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