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  1. Is it just me or does this voice very much resemble Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator? haha
  2. Wellll if you would take a moment to at the very least just read through the last 8-10 pages it would be pretty clear... In a nutshell, in its entirety, it's not REALLY a prison themed house. The house will take place inside of a prisoner's mind via his memories before he's executed.
  3. This is the last time I'm gonna say it.....dissect. the. word. flashback.
  4. All I'm gonna say is one individual has basically described about 90% of what is currently known about the house in one post... The other 10%, which in my opinion is the coolest part surrounding the house...is described on here but in a different post. It's up to you to put the pieces together
  5. C'monnnnn peoplleee...think flashback...the answer is right under your nose. You're so close you can smell it haha Dissect that word 'flashback' a little bit... This is killing me...just killing me haha
  6. Ya know.....now I'm starting to wonder if this house will even be an adaptation of the movies or just an "inspired by" house kind of how The Forasaken was inspired by The Fog but had it's own twist on it. It will be cheaper because they won't have to worry about movie rights, etc. and it will give more creative liberties. If that's the case, then we're looking at 4 "Originals" and 4 Ips and in my book, I'm okay with that
  7. Although I do agree completely with you Chris, I think in a way you're comparing apples to oranges haha Yes, Knotts does more in terms of quantity, I promise you it's nowhere near the quality and detail that goes into HHN. Now am I saying everything that HHN does is perfect? Heck no! But I do have to say the level of detail is unmatched anywhere else. A house could completely suck but damn it'll probably look good! The only other park-wide event I've ever been to outside of HHN is Cedar Point and Chris can contest that it's not all that great (at least I remember you saying you had been to Halloweekends). Considering that Knott's is owned by the same company, I can only assume it's probably on the same level. Perhaps I'm wrong. But sure they have 14,000 houses but are they the same level of detail and such? I'm sure HHN could do everything you mentioned if they wanted to, but I don't think it would be up to par with what we expect from this event when it comes to quality. Now the shows....that's a whole different story haha The shows they pump out now aren't that great....so I'm sure a few others wouldn't hurt
  8. Perhaps the house is based...oh nevermind...
  9. I think it's more or less just a matter of it just seems like that's the direction everything looks like it's going. Whether its intentional or not, everything has WAYY too many similarities this year....I think we're more or less just trying to speculate why haha
  10. ^ If you're looking to make jokes to get someone to try to laugh at them and appease you, get in line....there's a lot of us already lined up....
  11. ...and then the scareactors will only come up and scare you as long as you're someone who can provide them a ride to and from everywhere and then treat you like complete crap after all you've done for them and eventually push you over the edge to the point where you can't stand them anymore! IT'LL BE A FRIGGEN HOOT! ...said no one ever....
  12. I personally think in some way shape or form, they just might!! If not this year maybe next year then!
  13. Believe it or not though...I don't think he's that far off this time around....
  14. Anyone have anything to report on about this 'announcement' ? I'm anxiously awaiting to hear something haha
  15. I think you probably know just about as much as me, pretty sure our sources are similar haha of course I don't know what is EXACTLY 1000% going to 'for sure' happen because just as you've said, things DO change. I guess I'm really just referring to what is on the table as of now and what our head honchos in charge have planned. What the final product is...we won't know until September. But at this point, I'm only speaking on what I know Now if only I COULD predict the future
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