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  1. Sorry I'm late on this...ok so Ritual. I know we were originally debating the whole Boogeyman idea. That got me thinking about Rituals in the American tradition, specifically when dealing with kids. Anyone seen Escape From Tommorow? It's an indie horror flick about a Disney trip gone way, way wrong. Worth a rental if you're bored and in the B-movie horror mood. Obviously I don't think anything dealing with Disney would be an option when it comes to an HHN house (2008's ScaryTales aside), but the idea of the indoctrination of children into American pop culture in different ways, like going to Disney for the first time or being plagued by the "Boogeyman", is intriguing. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this spec... Also, sacrifices usually play pivotal roles in Rituals...sometimes lives of babies or children, or just "blood of the innocent" in general is required. This "Boogeyman" collects children for a sacrifice to be used in a Ritual.... Ok that's as far as I've gotten EDIT: Fun Fact: There was a film released in 1977 named "The Creepers" whose original working title was "Rituals". IMDB Synopsis: "Five doctors on a wilderness outing are stalked by disfigured, crazed killers."
  2. Anything Could Happen.

  3. OMG this. This would be my absolute fantasy...or I just really want Nightingales to come back. It's decent conjecture...but the problem is, I'm not sure it matches with the rest of the clues that have been connected to it. For example, Dr. Jimmy's "Food, Glorious Food" clue was connected to Crows. Idk how that would fit in with Nightingales. So was Cassilda's Massachusetts clue, but that would work if it's a colonist-focused house. I want so badly for it to fit....I want those Nightingales back!
  4. This is the perplexing part to me...the roundish things. I wanted to say maybe it's just part of the "guts"/the guy being squished. Like basically his intestines coming out of this body. Total unnecessary tangent: You know what the "guts"/round things remind me of? (I'm about to date myself) In Ferngully, the villain is this sludgy/oil guy that looks exactly like that. Especially during his oh-so-90's-and-oh-so-necessary "bad guy song". Just saying. (For the youngin's, Ferngully was Avatar before Avatar existed in James Cameron's mind.) Back to spec, I don't think this pic has to do with the clown factory because there isn't any indication of that in there. I also don't think it's the Cannibalism because...well they would be getting eaten, not squished. Why would a person be squished like that? And why would they be dressed like a farmer? Factory accident or purposeful murder? So many questions. Then again...this could be like a "Jack's Fun Factory" situation and he's just chopping/squishing/torturing people for the fun of it...and now we're back to clowns. Hm.
  5. So just to clarify.... Crows codename > Dr. J's 13A (Glorious Food) > Cassilda's 14 (Mass.) > Indians/Roanoke Altar codename > Dr. J's 13B (Sunrise, Sunset) > Cassilda's 14 (Mex) > FDTD Ritual Codename > Dr. J's 9 (Kiddies) > Cassilda's ?? > Boogeyman house Is the spec that it was between Crows and Altar, but now it's them vs. Ritual? Speaking of boogeyman...has anyone heard of the video game "Among The Sleep"? Basically you play as a toddler (accompanied by a teddy bear and alternating between crawling/walking) and there's monsters (enter: Boogeyman) coming to get you. Sounds familiar.
  6. I'm going to throw this out there because it's bugging my brain. I feel like "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" might be referencing clowns and/or Jack's return. I don't know which clue would then point to TWD and zombies. But I just get a weird feeling about it.
  7. I'm assuming this is supposed to signal something...repetitiveness, obviously, but also the use of "accurate/accuracy" and the varying number of people or "independent individuals" (too many vs. certain vs. a bunch)....then there's choosing to abbreviate vs. spelling out "information". Or I'm reading too much into everything. *returns to corner*
  8. So what would they have us doing that would take +/- 20 minutes? Walking through an endless tunnel/having to climb over a mountain of dead bodies/zombies using a flashlight? O_o idk I'm not sold on this.
  9. I think it's interesting to note that Dr. J did the pre-Hollywood Production Code ('36) version, and included the cocaine reference. I don't know if that has to do with anything, but I appreciated the extra throw back My guess: ninjas. 'Cause...kicking.
  10. I don't know about this lack of walking dead house info leak. TWD brought in A LOT of revenue AND attention for HHN these past two years....and as much as I don't want it to be a house because I'm frankly just tired of zombies already (love the show, though), I sort of see it as this inevitable cash cow situation. Very skeptical about the "higher ups" turning away a cash cow.
  11. Ok so back to spec... What effect, if any, will Diagon Alley/Gringotts have on HHN this year? It's opening in Summer, yes? Will they have it open during HHN? Apologies if this has already been discussed...
  12. ...I just saw your profile pic avatar thing....and almost busted out in laughter in my quiet office. *Applause* genius. And I couldn't imagine that LT would just be about doubling up on the house reveals...unless they're all interconnected and have a much deeper story....but then that would also need to involve the streets/theme/icon/whatever anyway.
  13. Totally nerding out with these fun facts! Love 'em! Keep them coming, they make the wait for more info a tad more bearable
  14. ....are you serious?? :'(((((( This is not cool. NOT. COOL.
  15. I'm fairly convinced the person in the video is a woman. He/she sounds like a woman, looks like a woman, moves like a woman, speaks/has specific cadences in his/her speech that matches that of a woman's....what exactly about the latest blog made you rethink the Goth-PS connection? I'm not saying our LT universe can't have two females in it...hey, the more women, the better, in my opinion!...but I'm curious to see what exactly made you rethink it. Maybe you're seeing something I'm not....
  16. Have we talked about what was pulled out of the backpack? To me, it looked like the conch shell to call the merman from CiTW, something maroon-colored that I haven't been able to identify yet (but it rocks back and forth, so it may be round or slightly rounded), and a package wrapped in with a ribbon or rope. And the cell phone, obvi. But why would the conch shell be in there? Was it suppose to go hand-in-hand with the CiTW house reveal? If so, why aren't there 7 other objects, instead of just 3? Questions, questions, questions. Also, I agree with Dr. J that the person who made the video is a woman. Body language, physical stature, mannerisms, the way they person would speak and pause at certain points in their speech...tbh I don't know if those things are revealing of the person's gender, or of my own gender biases and assumptions of gender. I try to be as open minded as possible, but I've had a gut feeling from the start that the person is a woman...now, who the woman is...that's a mystery to me.
  17. Direct quote from the Evil Takes Root site: "Was careful to alter both audio and video image. If you recognize the dirt road you’ll know where I was-but not who I am." PS is the one who edited it, I'm guessing...for identification purposes?
  18. ...it's a Stephen Sondheim year afterall, then? ;P
  19. Could that have anything to do with the image of the woods that has a face in the clouds? Can't look up the image rt now, but it's the same image they announced CITW with, just without the house, and with dark clouds forming into what looks like a face...La Llorona's face? Idk. Icon maybe? But it feels like the icon, if there even will be one, is bigger than just La Llorona bc idk if I'd go so far as to say she's the root of all evil. Speculation, speculation.
  20. lol I think this means there's someone flat out lying about something they know, or someone not revealing something they do know. Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire Intriguing, me thinks.
  21. Sorry I worded that incorrectly. What was the purpose of that picture the last time LT was in full swing? Did it mean anything specific? Was it referring to something specific? Just curious.
  22. If I may ask...what was the original picture used for last time? Curious to start making connections with all this.
  23. Nothing is confirmed in terms of the source material, but I'm going to put my money on the new movie being the inspiration. Evil Dead is a cult classic and the originals have their own place in horror movie history, but let's be honest...would ED even be considered as a possibility for the house line up if the remake hadn't just come out? Probably not...even though it would have been a great house if they did just base it on the originals. But since the GP will be familiar with ED from the recent film, I'd lean that way. I mean...there's only one reason TWD is having a second year: cash cow, cash cow, cash cow. I think this is a similar instance of give-them-what-they-want.
  24. I think this is a great point, and I completely agree. Doing something politically incorrect in a politically-charged country like ours is definitely NOT smart. Universal execs wouldn't want to point their organization in any political direction to begin with, I'm sure, for fear of alienating a whole part of the country...and if a house depicting presidential assassination is in there, it says volumes to the GP in regards to their political standing, whether or not it's actually accurate of Universal's political persuasion. I also didn't take into consideration the "real people" aspect to this. It's true that grandchildren or great grandchildren of people involved might be alive, and that would be another MAJOR faux paus. I truly doubt Universal would ever base a house on any real-life event that caused anyone severe, personal trauma like that. Of course, we could argue that a house like nightingales is, then, being insensitive. However, a war and an event pertaining to specific individuals can be viewed as different. Of course, I don't think an event like 9/11 would ever make it to a house, simply because of the sensitivity issue, obviously. Idk, it's a tough line to tread. EDIT: To put it simply, anything that could result in a lawsuit due to a perceived degree of insensitivity, disrespect, or political incorrectness will be avoided at all costs. At least, that's the sense I get.
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