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  1. I worked Haunt at CGA for like 4 weeks in 2013. I started the second week so i could go to Horror Nights and Knott's that first week. I only worked in a scare zone one night and they wouldn't let me get a facial prosthetic because i started late and running around all night in a sweaty full rubber mask was brutal so I moved over to a blackout for a $1 less an hour in Cornstalkers and I enjoyed myself much more. At this point I was basically being paid to stand there and watch people get scared lol. I remember like you said the breaking scheduling being shitty in the scare zones and I had to push my supervisor to let me take my last break because he forgot to break me. If I lived in LA though I would totally love to work for Horror Nights but I'm in the Bay Area so I don't see that ever happening.
  2. Glad to see Toy Factory getting the boot as its about time, that maze hasn't been good since like 2010. Also I gotta agree Backwoods was a big let down I never got a single good scare once in there and the bungee scene was unused. Same with Zombie High that maze hasn't been good the last couple years each time I went through it in 2017 literally there was no one manning the bungee scene which is the highlight of the maze what a disappointment. I just hope CGA finds a way to hire more scareactors because thats their biggest issue not enough people to fill out mazes and youll walk through entire scenes often with no one in them especially in like Cornstalkers where half the maze or more is empty. I know Madame Marie's is getting some love with the Blackout effect added to it which should breathe some new life into that maze but did the people in charge mention some of the other old mazes getting any improvements at all? Also did they mention how come they scrapped skeleton key rooms this year? @Kurseddragon
  3. Looks like Tooth Fairy is all but confirmed to be leaving this year because California's Great America announced Tooth Fairy as their new maze for Halloween Haunt replacing Toy Factory which was LONG overdue, I remember back when Doll Factory retired at Knott's and that was rumored to take its place way back in 2012. Also Madame Marie's Massacre Manor is now getting revamped with the flashlight technology that was used in Trick R' Treat last year so that might mean Trick R' Treat is done for as well at Knott's if they just ended up sending their used equipment to CGA. But I honestly can't see sticking VOODOO sticking around for another year so if that goes as well Knott's could be getting 3 new mazes.
  4. Heres my semi realistic maze wish list: 1) Freddy vs Jason 2) Krampus 3) The Conjuring 1 & 2 4) The Walking Dead: No Way Out 5) The Babadook 6) The Witch 7) Army of Darkness I am still waiting for Hellraiser to be officially announced for a movie reboot so I can get an HHN maze for that property. I just want to see fuckin Pinhead and his cenobites jumping out at me with sound/light triggers god damn it. Is that too much to ask for?
  5. If were comparing the worst HHN maze of this year to what Knott's produced this year. In my personal experience This is the End 3D was a far more enjoyable maze and had better scares than almost everything at KSF 2015, minus Paranormal INC.
  6. Insidious Return to the Further was so amazing and I got the best scare in that maze of any house at HHN yet. in the second scene where the demon graphic climbs on the wall I did not see the boo hole at the end of the wall and I was exiting the scene assuming the graphic was it and out of nowhere the red faced demon pops out right in my face from the left and scares the hell out of me and I almost fall over. it was so amazing and the maze just kept that level of excitement the whole way through all the way to the very end. I loved Insidious Return to the Further so much and it is by far my favorite house ever at HHN since ive been attending in 2012. So of course for house of the year Insidious Return to the Further gets my vote. Second place would be Halloween for me followed by Crimson Peak in 3rd. And Exterminatorz had some awesome masks so I would toss my vote for best scare zone to them. The Purge Urban Nightmare would be second.
  7. On Halloween last year we did every maze twice except for Dracula Untold because it was closed around 1 due to severe flooding. American Werewolf some of the puppets were covered and not working because of the rain. And FDTD and Clowns were pretty soaked so some of the actors looks confused on what to do. This didn't ruin my night really as I already hit up every maze once before the flooding began. Alien vs Predator seemed fine from what I remember probably because it was in a building and not a tent. And alot of the scare zones were bare due to the actors probably taking shelter from the rain.
  8. I read the comments but just to clarify because I am kinda confused on this part, can I go on the Fast and the Furious Supercharged during early entry before Horror Nights technically opens?
  9. With FOL you basically are guaranteed to do everything once so you should have no problem there. I personally like to use FOL on all the rides right away because I only care to go once, but for the mazes I try to run to every maze while the lines are short and then when I come back around later in the night when the lines are long I use my FOL on my second pass so I get to do all the mazes twice. I recommend this because you never know you might love a maze so much you wanna go again but get screwed because the line is like an hour plus and you already used up your FOL earlier in the night when the line was only like 15 minutes and you could of saved it and stuck out the short wait time.
  10. So without spoilers would you guys say this years Insidious maze is better than the one from 2013 and if so by how much? Insidious is one of my all time favorite horror movies so it really excites me to hear that all of you loved it so much and I cant wait to experience it myself.
  11. Any chance we can get an updated list on the first post king of all the scareactors and their locations? Thanks in advance.
  12. Heading down from Nor Cal for Halloween Weekend with my girlfriend so I will be hitting up HHN Hollywood on the 30th with FOL of course. Cant freakin wait!
  13. Most Anticipated Mazes and Scarezones: 1. Crimson Peak 2. Insidious 3. Halloween 4. This is the End 5. The Walking Dead 6. AvP ------------------------- 1. Exterminatorz 2. Corpz 3. Dark Christmas 4. The Purge: Urban Nightmare
  14. Excellent choice for a first maze announcement and just like Insidious in 2013 I am super stoked we get another awesome IP exclusive to Hollywood. Thank you John Murdy you did not disappoint! This maze has a really good chance at being my most anticipated of the whole lineup.
  15. http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3346126/james-wans-dead-silence-finally-coming-blu-ray/ Any chance we see Dead Silence this year with the release of the Blu Ray in august? It is a Universal Property, Murdy has worked with James Wan in the past, and if im not mistaken the maze was featured in Orlando previously. I know Insidious Chapter 3 seems way more likely but maybe we get both or just Dead Silence.
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