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  1. I didn't know that this house was based specifically on Halloween II until I was in the queue. I heard the music and started to get excited that it might be, and then when I saw the sign I just started grinning and didn't stop until I was back in kid zone. Awesome house and a very pleasant surprise for me.
  2. finally saw them going past monsters cafe as I was entering the walking dead queue on thursday
  3. dr jimmy's "shark in the dark" concept could work
  4. I've been 3 times and haven't noticed maskerade anywhere, lol
  5. they'll definitely do some kind of a tribute to past years at least somewhere in the park. I'd like to see a double sized "warehouse" come back. at least the scarezone like clash mentioned would be cool.
  6. Also, I think giving some of the clowns different noise makers throughout would go a long way. horn, party blower/whistle, etc. mostly the horn though. and if it were easy to secure the rights to, the danny elfman piece from pee wee's big adventure from the clown nightmare
  7. I thought this house was ok, but probably my least liked this year. loved the sets and everything, but it seemed more action than horror.
  8. I love this house, it is the creepiest/most psychologically disturbing of the bunch this year . . . but where's the story? at least la llorona had some story to it outside before you went in. people don't know anything about this house before going in. is it a haunted house? does it have to do with witchcraft? what??? I know I'm kind of being a little negative toward the originals this year, but that's because I find myself having to explain and defend them to everyone I've gone with this year. I really like all 3 of the houses, but they suffer a bit from unrecognizability when compared to the IPs.
  9. again, another original that I like, but there should be some kind of primer for it. everyone I've gone with so far has had to have me explain the house, and I was simply guessing based on what I know about history. then at the end you have a pilgrim mention the wendigo spirit. not only should that have been somewhere up front, but most people don't even know what that is.
  10. I enjoyed this house, but I wish there was some kind of story element to it before you went in instead of projected images of clowns and plastic surgery.
  11. I've been 3 times and have enjoyed the event overall this year, but I feel like there could be a bit more themed environments around the park. the scare zones are decent, but it would be nice to have the lagoon show & projection on MiB back and just more creepy music around the park in general.
  12. I hear you JDW. I prefer more overt marketing and interactivity with the HHN fans. I think they had really great sites the years of carnival of carnage and the storyteller. even the legions was somewhat decent even if the sites weren't that well designed. now it's just splash page stuff and needing to be into social media.
  13. hey guys, I need some help with tonight if possible. I've been really busy this summer trying to get a job lined up and start getting paid. I haven't even had time to look at or discuss anything about HHN this year beyond seeing/hearing commercials and going to the official site to look at ticket prices. anyway, I didn't get my annual pass & HHN ticket until this morning on my way in to work and when I tried to reserve for the AP early access event tonight it wasn't available. I'm supposed to meet up with a friend of mine who I go to HHN with every year for the past 15 years and he's bringing his brother to the AP event so I have no way to get in early. can any of you AP holders who are going tonight and have a +1 that's not going to be used hook a brotha up? UPDATE: disregard, I gotta put out a fire that just came up
  14. How about a Halloween one that uses the movie title logo then put "horror nights 24" in the event title font? With either Michael Myers or the pumpkin in it.
  15. I agree. the marketing does seem a bit off when it comes to the "theme" this year. the advertising for individual properties is fine, but the only cohesive thing about this year is the amount of zombie representation throughout the various houses. 5 of the 8 feature zombies in one form or another. and then of course the scare zones are all walking dead themed. "evil takes root" and other catchphrases don't really seem to relate to anything other than evil dead.
  16. I also think it's mostly due to location, specifically the fact that all the soundstage houses share an exit. people come in and immediately hit up cabin, get released out by evil dead and either go there or american werewolf. then realize they get let out at the same place and say "fuck it, I'm not going to go back toward the front of the park", do the remaining house in the area and then continue through the rest of the park.
  17. my anticipation rankings: 1. American Werewolf in London 2. Resident Evil 3. Cabin in the Woods 4. La Llorona 5. Afterlife 6. Havoc 2 7. Evil Dead 8. The Walking Dead my current rankings after visiting: 1. American Werewolf in London 2. Cabin in the Woods 3. Evil Dead 4. La Llorona 5. The Walking Dead 6. Afterlife 7. Resident Evil 8. Havoc 2 there's no house I "hate" this year, I've gone to HHN 3 times now and haven't skipped any of them yet.
  18. I agree, love that scene. I try to slow down to see it twice if I can. I also like that they made the execution at the beginning something that a scareactor interacts with and triggers. yes, we've seen the same/similar effects used in previous houses over the years. from the electrocution, to mirrors, to the tunnel. but I think they're implemented well in afterlife.
  19. I'm one of those that actually enjoy the movies, so I would have been fine either way. I'm just glad that finally resident evil has made it to HHN. I have some nit picks about certain choices that were made, but it's a fun house overall.
  20. nope, not allowed to touch you . . . but I would have counted that as an extra immersive house experience if that happened to me, lol I've had some really good scareactors get up in my face in the houses this year. I love it. I'm really impressed with all of them this year, it seems like they're all working hard to keep the energy high all night.
  21. when I went this past thursday it took me 5.5 hours to see every house (with 2 repeats), bill & ted's, and maybe 20 minutes total breaktime . . . with express. to start out I only did AWiL at the soundstages with the stay & scream group before heading to havoc, and then on to b & t (first show). when I passed by afterlife on my way from b & t to twd, I saw that the wait was an hour. from that point on I used express the rest of the night. I have FFP+ w/express, but I've felt that I needed to use express every night that I've gone so far in order to see everything. first two nights I didn't go to bill & ted's. I also had a head start because of AP preview. to be fair I ended up seeing 13 total houses on opening night, but it would have been 10 at most without the preview. went to 9 houses the first saturday.
  22. I think they've done a good job spreading out walking dead set pieces throughout the park, and the scareactors I've seen have all been really doing a good job. it's really cool that there are times when you're walking through the park and you don't know if it's another guest or zombie in front of you. hopefully next year there will be more variety in the scarezones as opposed to one over arching theme, but they have done well with the walking dead this year.
  23. I am, lol. gotta watch it live, just got to. I may go pick up a pepperoni pizza and throw it on the roof.
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