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  1. Oh my gosh. If it's AVP, I am gonna scream!!! That will be sick!! P.s. VALLEY HERE TOOOOO!!
  2. My dates will be my hubby and my 8 year old son .... lol. Yes he is a little young but last year Knott's Scary Farm was wayyyy boring for him and he is INSISTING on going to HHN this year. Hey what can I say... he is a horror freak like his momma
  3. Actually KDP sold out in 1/2 an hour On sale at 12:00 pm, sold out by 12:30 pm. Glad I was on it the minute they went on sale, got me and the hub's passes
  4. Damn you all were right on with El Cucuy. I knew it had to be Danny Trejo!
  5. Danny Trejo is in ALOT of movies where he is an eccentric or unusual person and not the leading role. At least, thats what I think..
  6. hahahahaha I was thinking the same thing. Which actor is more used than him.... MACHETE!!!
  7. Yes and it is completely worth it. Me and the hubs went 6 times last year... sweet bliss!!!
  8. I'm sorry but the HHN facebook fans are a bunch of tards!! I cannot even stand to read it sometimes!!! Wonder how long its going to take them to realize the Walking Dead experience and the Terror Tram are two separate things. Terror tram is in same spot. Its not even worth trying to tell them anymore!
  9. AMAZING!!! I cannot wait for this. Curious to see how crowd control is going to work and how we will get down to the backlot.
  10. Thomas J ‏@MuZikal_MinDset23m @HorrorNights thought you said terror tram was not based on WD this year? You got my head spinning ~~~ If I hear one more person say they dont know or didnt know what the TT was this year, my head will start spinning around!!!
  11. The character art for the long haired fiend was molded to be the exact moment when he goes to lick Renai's face. Tongue molded out and all.
  12. At ScareLA, Chris Williams had said that they are trying something they have never done before in the Insidious Maze... low lying fog or something to that effect.
  13. Looks like Terror Tram will be in same spot again this year Murdy confirmed on twitter there will still be a photo op at Psycho House and they are re-doing the porch of Psycho house for HHN.
  14. The different ghosts that are in the further. More than one. But I believe the three I saw the artwork for were going to be from the second movie.
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