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  1. I get what your saying but as soon as they change a few scenes, take stuff away and add stuff suddenly it's not the same house as it was originally. Yeah it's the same story same characters but then you could argue that TWD, FvJ or The Thing have all or will be repeat houses....
  2. I picked up on this as well BUT I know rumours have suggested tweaks and possibly new AWIL scenes in which case technically makes it different from the last house. I guess it's the same as TWD. 3 houses, all based on different seasons but it's still TWD.
  3. Since 2011 the majority of this forum has cried out for an icon and a themed event (it's looking like this year could have a theme as such). Now that we FINALLY have an icon people are moaning! Yeah it's Jack but anyone that has a brain should realise that JACK IS HORROR NIGHTS. Anyone that watched that video and wasn't wishing it to be September is mad! I for one CANNOT wait now the reveals and to see how the event shapes up. We all need to embrace this announcement and be thankful that A&D have been allowed to even do it this year! The past 3 years have been a marketing heaven so let's hope that this announcement brings us back (or at least a little bit closer) to the old events we loved and cherish!
  4. I'd have to say that I hoped for the 25th anniversary we might see an event that was mainly based around what made the event what it is, original ideas. I had a theory that the past 3 years have been used to gain a larger fan base to then introduce these "new fans" to what the event once was and its such a shame to see rumours of these IP's returning. Don't get me wrong these IP's have been highly successful (AWIL notably) for HHN however having it so soon after first doing the house AND trying to match or BETTER the house is something of a hard task. AWIL was one of my all time favourite houses but I can't help feeling I will lack the enthusiasm whilst going round it this time... Which for me, I want to remember the house for how good it was. Same goes with TWD. Not the best houses but certainly got better and better. I agree that incorporating Orignals and IP's (Silver Screams etc) would be a great move for the fans and the GP however I can't see it happening which is a real shame. I still hope for an event that celebrates the true roots of HHN and shows what the event was like before 2012. For a 25th anniversary this is the least it deserves. I hope I'm proved to be right when everything is revealed but at this stage I can't see it. Originals all the way!
  5. 'Balloons' could honestly be anything! haha. They crop up all over the place, but I think I am drawn more towards the 'American Werewolf in London' idea. Its been planned for a few years now so we know it is something that is a possibility. Other than that no idea, I was awful at the cryptic statements last year so no doubt this year I will be as bad if not worse haha
  6. I saw at the right side of the page that it mentions both IOA and USF but I dont know if that is something that happens on all the pages
  7. Can someone point out to me what is significant on these pages cause I am clearly missing something haha
  8. If someone has the time to make a list of all the things mentioned in the videos then we can compare it to last year and see if there are any connections to what might be fact and what might be fiction?
  9. At the end of the day we are all here for the same reason and that because we love HHN. Regardless of how many IPs there are this year we are still all going to attend the event. Original concepts are by FAR my favourite and the best houses IMO but the lack of them wont stop me going. It is a shame to see less and less of them but we will all go along in September and October and have a blast just like we do every year. So although there may be disappointment upon some of us, the reality is it will all be forgotten when we are at HHN23!!
  10. H.R. BloodenGutz made an excellent house and he was a genius character but he just couldn't be an icon for the whole event it wouldn't suit the theme of the event. He is more of a comical character and he just wouldn't fit the role IMO. However I would love to see another H.R. BloodenGutz house I really enjoyed it
  11. Its such a shame that this is the case because original houses are the best by a long way IMO. I honestly hope that this isn't the case because original ideas are what make the event for me.
  12. I think the majority of people want to see less IP houses if any at all and I have to agree 100%. I think original concepts was what attracted me to HHN so much in the first place and its a shame to see such talent in A&D to be somewhat wasted. Obviously they still have a big part in the creation etc but Original ideas are what makes HHN (well for me at least). I'm certain the majority of people will say the best houses of last year weren't IPs so it would be a shame to see it occur again this year. Having said this, this is just my opinion. I think the Original concepts just capture my imagination so much more than IPs.
  13. Just my luck as well one finally comes up in my size (there is also a 20 and 22 shirt from the same seller that I would buy) but the price is really high :/ hopefully no one buys it and it keeps coming down in price haha
  14. Yes I saw this but its a bit out of my price range :/ the majority of them are put up quite cheap but its just my luck that the one I want and the right size is too expensive
  15. If anyone has a HHN20 lanyard or a HHN21 staff shirt in a medium or large I would really appreciate you messaging me
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