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  1. Haha alright. Lesson learned, don't take selfies with the xenonorphs and don't hit on the scarectors.
  2. Hey guy. I'm goin to horror nights Saturday night with fol. I love filming on my phone at horror nights, but I've never filmed in a maze. Can some one remind me what their video policy is. I'm assuming it's just no flash photography since I've seen so many walkthroughs.
  3. It was a little disappointing, defiantly not as good as Sinister. I thought it relied a little to much on jump scares and was a bit slow at times, but there where some truly creepy moments, I think it's still worth a watch. Oh, and its being distributed by Sony and Open Road, so I'm sure it won't be there.
  4. I went to an advanced screening of Deliver US From Evil tonight and I think that there is some maze material. Some cool environments and scares.
  5. So as far as maze locations, is Evil Dead the only one we know for sure?
  6. If i see Darth maul looking at me through a window like that..... i will poop my pants. This better happen.
  7. Insidious chapter 2 comes out next month. I'm sure when they do insidious they'll have shit from both movies. From just watching the trailer, it looks like that could be a lot of material.
  8. I think we can all agree this maze has potential to pretty rad! I'm just not diggin the whole 3d thing. In the goes to hell maze it really took me out of the whole experience. Same with hotc. I find just distracting more than anything else. Hopefully they can really nail it with this one! What exactly did murdy say about having a 3d screen in this maze?
  9. Firefly residence in hotc- Texas Chainsaw(2012) fascade
  10. If its going to be music themed, I would rather it be Alice. Welcome to my nightmare was an awesome house. Although i would still rather not have any music themed houses. But if Ozzy gets a maze, I will burn universal to the ground.
  11. I know this is not exactly on topic, but i thought you guys might appreciate it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJgsY77VXU4
  12. As a fellow member from Sacramento, let me tel you the trek is worth it! I bought fol as well and went on friday. We managed to get everything done before 12! The fol pass is definatly worth it, no stress at all!
  13. I never got to experience back in business so im pretty excited for this one. I'm a fan of the original film, i think this has potential but im sure it wont be as good as back in business. At least thats what it sounds like. haha
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