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  1. Me too! Another Easter Egg I found is, in the queue line video for 'Graveyard Games' (The one where you see the Facebook comment feeds for the idiot teens and others), there are references made to at least two of the fake B- Movies seen in last year's 'Slaughter Sinema.'
  2. It may have been last year, but here's the plot as listed on the HHN wiki: A man named Mr. Carver owned a pumpkin patch in Carey, Ohio. He grew the best pumpkins in town. However, hidden in his shop, he had a deformed son named Gourdy, who was chained up. One day Gourdy escapes and smashes the pumpkins in the shop. Mr. Carver gets angry at him, and so Gourdy kills him and escapes, killing people and taking their heads to carve as pumpkins. The one "Movie" in that House whose plot I'd wonder about would be 'Schittie's Kidz,' specifically why it is that the kids go insane and get violent? Was there some ingredient in the restaurant's pizza that warped their minds, or what?
  3. I'll almost certainly need to get that 'Killer Klowns' button set. The Ghostbusters pin is kind of cool, but I don't really like how Gozer's face looks in it.
  4. I think it sounds fascinating! I always like the concept of a House with just straight- up ghosts, rather than the usual zombies and psycho killers. I could be mistaken, but it seems like it's been 2-3 years since we've had a House (Not counting Scarezones) with ghosts. Like kablue, I too am curious as to how they will do the Facebook Messenger element to reveal the place's history. Maybe it'll reveal the specific origins/ backstories of certain ghosts you might find in the House (Similar to how the Disney Parks' Haunted Mansion has surprisingly detailed backstories for most if not all of the major ghosts in it)? I help with a church youth group, and I was telling a couple of the youth about this House, and they had a couple funny observations about it: 1. Tying into what I mentioned about the Messenger aspect revealing backstories of the ghosts, they theorized that maybe one of the ghosts could be of a dead serial killer, and another could be a random pizza- delivery boy named "Jeremy" who was killed by him. "Watch out, it's the ghost of Jeremy the pizza- man!" 2. One of the youths (Who is a rather strange kid with at- times dark interests) proposed he could be one of the teens who causes the problems by desecrating the graves. This then led me to propose I'd be in it too, as the annoyed and stressed- out youth leader sent in to get them! I'd be like, "Alright, at this point, if the ghosts don't kill you little morons, then I will!"
  5. Once again, I am REALLY late to this party (Though I kept up with the official announcements)! Before the 'Tooth Fairy' House got turned into 'Us,' does anyone know what its storyline was originally going to be? When I hear the term "Tooth Fairy" used in a horror context, I immediately think of the horror film 'Darkness Falls' (Which, btw, I found REALLY underrated).
  6. OMG, I loved every minute of this House! It has easily THE best entrance facade of any House I've seen in all of my now nine years of attending HHN, it was flat- out gorgeous! I had a couple questions, though, for others who've been through the House. SPOILERS! 1. In the Oz room in the beginning, we see Dorothy in a cage, Scarecrow tied to the wall, and an animatronic of the Lion lunging at us. However, I didn't see the Tin Man anywhere. Did any of you guys see him in it? 2. In the Little Miss Muffet room, were there any actual Scareactors? All I saw was the little dummy of Muffet and the spider dummies near the end.
  7. My girlfriend and I loved the House! The environments were all so diverse and well- made, and there were quite a few good scares (The Swamp Yeti really got my girlfriend, and the Pumpkin Guts guy really nailed me). The only part I was a little disappointed by was 'Cult of the Beast Baby,' I thought a lot more could have been done with that. btw, I noticed a possible Easter Egg, and I was wondering if someone who'd be hitting that House soon could look into it for me? In the 'Devil Dogs' (Which I think could potentially make a good actual movie) section, the score screen on the bar's pinball machine displays the message "Open the Door." That definitely looks like a clue of some kind. Does anyone know what it's referring to?
  8. My girlfriend and I felt the same way, the lines on Friday were disgraceful. Hopefully they'll be better tonight.
  9. I've got to say, I'm not excited for the pins that I've seen so far for this year. The AP one looks cool but I'm not an AP, and not one but TWO 'Stranger Things' pins? While I like 'Stranger Things,' I'm not a big enough fan of it to pay $16.00 for a pin of it.
  10. Skipping school for HHN? That takes dedication, sir! Here's what I can think of, for opening night: 1. Take any substitute teaching job that I can find that day, though probably not one at a high school so I can try and get a bit more rested up. 2. At approximately 4:30 or 4:45, head in the direction of Universal, grabbing a drive- thru dinner and a 5- Hour Energy on the way (The latter of the two I'll be smuggling into the park, don't tell a soul!). I'm a Polk County resident, so it can take 35 minutes to an hour to get to Universal. 3. Hopefully arrive at Universal no later than 5:50 or so, make a beeline for the ticket- claim kiosks to get my FFP redeemed (Earlier than I did last year's opening night, in which my entrance to the park was heavily delayed by a combination of kiosk failure and the fact that Universal apparently assigned its stupidest/ most incompetent employees to manage its lines, the Minions from 'Despicable Me' would have done a better job of managing those lines). 4. (From here on out it's subject to change based on line length and whether or not I meet up with other members of this forum) Hopefully enter the park the very minute its gates open, and make a beeline for 'Stranger Things.' I'll want to knock it out of the way first, both because I know its line will fill up fast, and because a friend of mine is going to be a Scareactor in it. 5. Once that is finished, I'll probably try to hit 'Seeds of Extinction.' 6. Tour around the park, taking in the sights, and hitting each Scarezone at least once. 7. Hit the 'Fast and Furious' ride (I've never done it before), and at least two other Houses (Most likely not 'Trick 'r Treat' or 'Scary Tales,' as those are my most anticipated Houses this year and I'm a very firm believer in saving the best for last). 8. At approximately 11:40 or so, I'll be ready to call it a night, make my way to my car, and start the hour- long drive home.
  11. I'll almost certainly be getting the 'Trick 'r Treat' shirt, but instead of Sam's real face in the background, I'd have preferred if it were just the full moon.
  12. 'Hell Fest' looks great, especially considering it's set at an HHN- esque event!
  13. Update, and possible spoilers! The Orlando Informer articles on this year's HHN have included a couple new deets on 'Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After.' In talking about what fairy tale characters would appear in it, there were a couple new mentions: 1. It confirms my suspicions that Rapunzel will be in it. 2. It apparently will also feature "Hansel and Gretel salivating for human flesh." Perhaps they'll be eating the Witch instead of the other way around and that'll be the "Revenge" room? In either case, I am glad they're doing a Hansel & Gretel room again for this one. Even just the original version of that story is pretty freaking scary when you think about it, and the Hansel & Gretel room in 'Once Upon a Nightmare' stuck out for me as being one of the scariest in that House.
  14. You see, when the Houses are being developed, to avoid giving too much away in case the descriptions of rooms in those Houses are leaked, they use nicknames or code- names to describe each room. During the announcement of 'Scary Tales' yesterday, it included this line: "And with portions of the house nicknamed: “Revenge,” “Toupee,” and “Splatter” during development, you can bet the stories you grew up on will be ending very differently within this experience." It has been confirmed that the room nicknamed "Splatter" is going to feature Humpty Dumpty, "Revenge" could be a nod to any one of a number of fairy tales, and so I theorized that "Toupee" was going to feature Rapunzel.
  15. This looks so awesome for so many reasons: 1. The 'Scary Tales' series has long been a real winner at HHN. 2008's 'Once Upon a Nightmare' was not just my favorite House that year, but one of my all- time favorite Houses I've hit in my eight years and counting of HHN. The design crew are just brilliant at bringing out the potential darker sides of those beloved stories. 2. Like faceleg, I'm a big fan of all things Oz- related and fairy tales as a whole. 3. The descriptions offered sound fascinating. 4. The location for it looks good. btw, I noticed that one of the room- nicknames is "Toupee." My theory for that is it'll be themed around Rapunzel, and maybe it'll involve her being scalped (So she'll need a "Toupee").
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