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  1. Don't worry I was cut too lol but don't lose all faith. They just might call you back for ABU ;D
  2. Well I didn't make it lol but auditions were pretty fun though. Looks like I'll be going to HHN this year! lol :D

  3. Auditioning for Horror Nights today! I cannot wait! And for those of you who are also auditioning today, GOOD LUCK DUDES AND DUDETTES!! -Air Guitar-

    1. WESKER69


      Good luck!

    2. Futurephotographer
    3. LostFall23


      I auditioning today too :) Good LucK !

  4. I'm auditioning on July 17th and I'm super excited! I was wondering what I need to bring besides my audition schedule papers?? Do I even need to bring anything at all?? lol
  5. Anyone else auditioning on July 17th??

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