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  1. 2 of the hints are red herrings and the ding dong hint was an April Fools hint.
  2. No not at all. Im with you on the wish AVP wasn't happening. There are others that were frightened off, but don't worry they'll be back and in greater numbers.
  3. Is anyone going to the park today? Maybe they put up the tent this morning or even last night.
  4. DTH do you mean the latest mummy or the reboot one for 2016?
  5. I was set on it when we still thought it was going into house of horrors, but now i dont think were getting the maze.
  6. Well right now for Empire we basically know that its a property with a movie coming out this year and its an appealing IP (for the GP most likely). Also its 72 pages of treatment. The Conjuring with Annabelle coming out definitely fits that. Hmm just a thought, but what about a Dracula Untold scarezone to promote the film similar to Curse of Chucky? Dracula and Vamps seem pretty traditional.
  7. Do we know for sure that the creature suit guys are for the freak out maze?
  8. Speaking of scarezones. I was thinking about the traditional part for it and do you guys think we will be getting klownz in some shape or form? Maybe klown stilt walkers on the lower lot? With some of the klown PROPS!!!
  9. We have a pretty strong feeling that it will be at the front to start up the event again. Not gonna lie when i saw it last night and the sirens went off it took me back to HHN last year and i started getting amped up.
  10. Any possibility of it being a rock star connected to it? Universal Monsters Rock n Roll! Lol.
  11. @HorrorNights: One of the mazes involves a lot of advertisements, so we have graphic design people generating fake ads...tons of them. What do you guys think it's for? AWIL? Or the original maze?
  12. Yea one is the chair from mystery men. It has been used a couple times actually.
  13. We might as well put Jaws in the mix then. People are talking about the Conjuring being a boring maze, I think AVP would be boring especially if it's only based on the first movie. If it's only based off AVPR then I can actually see some maze potential, but with so many setting changes and props I would think it would have a longer treatment.
  14. I'm with you on this. As much as I want CITW to happen I'm unsure of it. AVP I just don't want to happen, I would rather have just Aliens and actually get scared going through the maze. I think the codename pointing to AVP is too obvious and meant to have people come to that conclusion.
  15. Hmmm my same thought about if a Predator jumps out at me. I don't have any weapons so he ain't gonna come after me. And you can't go off of death scenes cause only 1 person died in Insidious 1 and 2 combined.
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