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  1. Thanks! So should I be screaming getting all crazy begging for.my life pretending I'm getting stabbed,mutilated lol
  2. So what should we expect? I'm.sure.o.won't be able.to.sleep.tonight. excited and nervous lol. What are the things they make you do? Everyone at my current job I'd encouraging me go because I'm always scaring them. Sometimes I "act" like I'm possesed and I've really freaked some people out > What are the things they make you guys do? Any answers will be greatly appreciated:)
  3. I know! wish you guys all good luck. I'm kinda nervous and almost backed o ut but hey it'd worth a shot Do you guys know how much is the pay? Just wondering
  4. Lol . Man I really hope they don't. I would hate to be turned away because of a one time thing .
  5. do they drug test? I made the mistake.of trying pot s few weeks ago and i regret it Cus now.I'm not even sure if I would even be able.to audition:/
  6. Hey guys:) I really want to know if USH drug tests potential scare actors. Im not a stogo.ner but I decided to try it a few weeks ago. I really want to audition but im scared of the test.
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