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  1. Hey Dejiki, any idea why they haven't uploaded the Pagoda of Peril video yet? Because the last website game goes live on monday & we still don't have the video for Yin Ling
  2. Yea I'm going to need one sent to me haha... seriously, after years and years of begging, they FINALLY made a shirt for streets. This has been long overdue. Oh and as for the writing on the back of the IP shirt, it is the same shiny font used for Hollywood's 2016 shirt. Its not as terrible as the rubber blood font. And its on the top-back so it'll be clean versus how when they write on the front its huge.
  3. Thankfully due to McDonald's filming a commercial in the Metro Sets, the tram was able to loop around & pass by the backlot mazes. So here is my update from yesterday (Wednesday - August 22nd, 2018) HALLOWEEN 4 ^finally working on the facade STRANGER THINGS HOLIDAYZ IN HELL (scarezone) HORRORS OF BLUMHOUSE: CHAPTER 2 METRO SETS THE FIRST PURGE POLTERGEIST My pass is blocked on saturday and I'm working Sunday-Friday, and my pass is blocked saturday/sunday... So the next update will happen on Sept 3rd (same day JPRA goes Extinct )
  4. Since Orlando showed off some merch during their live stream the other day, they made sure to mention that we would also be getting some of the same merch (seen below) here in Hollywood. ^BACK of shirt says "WE KNOW WHAT SCARES YOU!"
  5. You know what is scarier than anything encountered within the Hell's High house?... That House Op girl's excessively over-sized hoodie she has on. ....and the final scare being Dick Tracy Jason with an Axe & some other "slasher" outside the exit, but the camera did catch his "mask/face". Wish cameras had better quality back in the 90s... sigh
  6. Lulz... So never got a casting email for HHN. Had postponed applying for "Maze Host", so "saved/exit" the application. Applied for "Dreamworks Animation Theatre" the same day it became available. Got an interview email on monday, had interview yesterday. Ended up getting hired for Maze Host Apparently, even though I never actually clicked "Apply/Submit" for Maze Host, apparently it did it on its own. They liked how into the event I was & hired me. See you in the fog kids!!! (wearing the dreaded black cloak & wielding the flashlight of doom!)
  7. Now that everything has been revealed, here is the designated thread to discuss all things relating to the overall event that doesn't cater to a specific maze/scarezone.
  8. Since nobody bothered to take the initiative, I got screenshots of the merch that was teased during the Live Stream. STRANGER THINGS (shirt, hat, and "not pictured" mug) Character IP House Shirt (Notice it doesn't feature Blumhouse characters) ^The BACK says "We Know What Scares You" TRICK R TREAT (shirt & leggings) SCAREZONE (11x17 poster & "not pictured" shirt)
  9. Just announced for ANOTHER year... The Red Barn returns to #ScaryFarm this year with terrors waiting for you behind every blood-soaked corner. Do you dare enter?
  10. Was there a need to quote that? No. And yea, its called it was technically announced when the website was updated, just look at the screenshot in the spec thread. Murdy confirmed the official announcement is today so he can discuss it at the ScareLA panel on sunday.
  11. Here is an update from yesterday (Tuesday, August 21st, 2018)... Spotlights have popped up all over the park in the designated scarezone areas. Scenic will be commencing very soon. SEWER OF SOULS ^Six Flags has got jokes... "Sewer of Soles"... Like the sole of your shoe. CONDEMNED: FOREVER DAMNED ^I do have a better pic of this facade.... but...... TERROR-Tory Twisted (scarezone) With scarezone construction having begun, I'll be sure to have another update in a few days...
  12. As the title suggests. This is the designated thread to let everyone know what night you're going. Express or No Express. RIP tour. And if you want to meet-up, plan a night.
  13. Quite whining about the two Blumhouse films we have for Hollywood. They're taking something unconventional and getting creative with it. Watch it end up your favorite maze. Universal doesn't own every horror movie from the 80s and getting the rights to use IPs has become restricted (which is a good thing). Plus the 80s theme is just a loose marketing gimmick. And as I already said in the Blumhouse thread, they own The Purge and want to promote the new film for its upcoming bluray release. Besides, I'm sure if you dug deep into the library of 80s horror, you'd find a movie similar to The Purge. And Happy Death Day is a straight up 80s-esque slasher horror movie, so it works. They've already done The Thing a sequel in 2007 & the prequel in 2011. And WB owns Gremlins, which is featured at their own haunt event in its own special way.
  14. You're right, it is an overstatement due to angry fanboy syndrome. Now that Murdy has shed some light on this maze, it sounds much better than expected & will be taking a more "original" approach. So, no, this is most certainly not a waste of maze space, it requires Murdy do his actual job- "be creative" due to two non-traditional IPs that Universal owns. The only reason for the original ending is due to only having 2 IPs instead of 3 like last year, since that 3rd IP got its own maze (which is the only "waste of maze space") and was the overall theme tying everything together in last year's maze.
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