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    I love horror movies and Halloween which I guess is obvious. Enjoy doing SPFX Makeup for fun. Read, go to movies, the usual.
  1. Anticipated: 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. American Werewolf in London 3. La Lorona 4. Havoc 2 5. Evil Dead 6. After Life 7. Resident Evil 8. Walking Dead After visiting: 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. An American Werewolf in London 3. Evil Dead (top 3 are super close) 4. Walking Dead 5. La Lorona 6. Havoc 2 7. Afterlife 8. Resident Evil I went through all of them at least twice if not more. La Lorona was great the first time but the second time, the energy seemed down, and there were no scares even though no one was in front of us. As for Havoc, I thought they could have done a lot more with the design of the house, but going through that house when no one was in front or behind me was quite scary. As for Resident Evil, the scares were not there when I went through both times, and the puppets seemed really bad compared to AWIL. Overall though, everyone was amazing, and I had a great great time. I normally like the more original ideas but the IP's worked for me this year.
  2. Thank you! Will have to do some digging or end up with 500 of them.
  3. I saw a photo of like a stuffed Sam from Trick r Treat, Freddy, and Beetlejuice. Can you only win those at games or can you buy them?
  4. 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. American Werewolf in London 3. La Lorona 4. Havoc 2 5. Evil Dead 6. After Life 7. Resident Evil 8. Walking Dead
  5. Going to check it out... October 11th , 2 pm tour, +2
  6. Do these tours ruin the house for you? I'm considering going; however, I would have to go the day that we are going to HHN at night
  7. Maybe the lumberjacks are the chainsaw gang? Was it confirmed if they would be there?
  8. They said its for the entire street experience. Would they still bring back scarezones as well? And I hope they are not getting rid of the chainsaws... that's like a staple.
  9. Jack also cured me of my clown phobia (which I had for 20 years). Although I did run out of P&T cause I knew he was there. So, I didn't really get a look at him. I think another Nightingales would be awesome. The part where the Nightingale ripped the soldier in half was by far one of my favorite effects. I don't mind the IP houses, but I agree I don't think they are as good. At least not to me. Silent Hill was the only one from this past year I really enjoyed. As for Mama, I don't see how that would be a good house. I just don't think there is enough in the story and would be boring, but that's just my opinion. It reminds me of the La Llorona tale as well. I like the normal halloween/horror stuff. Haunted Houses, Mental Institues, Clowns, etc. Just need to add a twist to them. You can always build on an old idea with the right about of creativity. (example, Fairy Tales). Edited: Because I had to correct my grammar and spelling.
  10. I know there is probably a separate thread for this, but I didn't see anyone post for awhile. Anyone go see 20 Penny Circus? Worth it? I am FINALLY heading to Orlando next weekend! Its not always fun living in NY. Thanks!
  11. I just have to say, when I get the first two keys right the first time in the Cerebin game, I reach a level of happiness I did not think was possible.
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