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  1. Notice the sentence. Things just got exciting. When the rumors started, I thought there was no way Orlando would leave The Thing if it were on the table. So what if something(IP or Original) were changed & now The Thing is coming back to the event? It just makes sense to me, especially since Mike really loved the maze & the property & i'm sure would jump at the chance to do another one. Of course it could be something entirely different but just my thought process..
  2. Yesterday there was a post on UO's Twitter about an HHN Q&A that was postponed until Thursday. An announcement is coming, whether its Icon, House, Full Ticket Prices or a combination of them.
  3. Why does it have to be a Scarecrow? Why not a Path of the Wicked original maze, it could even be the 3D one or have the vortex this year. Kinda like what they did with Asylum, another scarezone turned into a house, just a thought.
  4. Original concept from Eli Roth based on clowns in one form or another or a real blast from the past, the return of Jack but i'm not thinking they would use him in Hollywood again. 31 as Terror Tram is an option as well but it's an original concept so there are a lot of different forms this may take & we'll find out the truth very soon.
  5. Like i've said numerous times, Murdy wouldn't turn down having the Big 4 plus The Exorcist & the two unannounced mazes this year. I do hope we get Conjuring next year as a share. IP Fans are in heaven this year.
  6. My guess is that Murdy is gonna suprise with the Waterworld maze & that's what the hold up might be. I think the problem is with FvJ isn't completely ready to announce, Waterworld is so he's waiting on both to announce as a two for one this weekend(hopefully). The rumored Classic Monsters or Purge scarezone could be the announcement but given the chance Murdy has, he could announce two houses at once which would make him even technically with us since we don't have any info on Chance's house yet. We've both announced Exorcist & Halloween & we both have TWD(you have it permanently & perhaps soon we will too) & FvJ & Waterworld will put you guys actually ahead of us. Midsummer Scream & Scare LA for both coasts potentially even though I think there is a possibility that one of those might be Terror Tram instead & then we find out if the rumors of our show being coast to coast are true or not. Then again there is a rather interesting panel the same day Murdy will be doing his called "Krampus: The Devil You(Barely) Know. I think that is a good sign that they will announce Krampus at Midsummer Scream. Announcement season is in full swing & I look forward to our next Popcast to talk about it.
  7. Personally I think when Zombie comes to Orlando it will be with HOTC & this will be based off the original Halloween 2. Should be interesting with the location & what surrounds it. Looks like the whole park will be busy this year not just front or back.
  8. Considering I originally connected Wisconsin to The Conjuring but the facade doesn't line up. The only other one is using Conjuring by way of Amityville or vice versa but even though the clues don't line up, the house looks very Doyle like.
  9. I'm really starting to think Murdy passed on Conjuring this year.
  10. The idea I had was that Chance was an intern at Shadybrook, it's her first job so she's very excited at the prospect. She works with a Nurse Ratchet type whom everyone hates but fears. Around this time Jack Schmidt is admitted & after a few weeks, he ends up killing the nurse leaving Chance now in charge of his care. From the beginning she is intrigued about what he's about & starts to become infatuated. Months go by where they interact daily & slowly she falls in love with him. He knows this & uses this to his advantage as he knows he's about to break out of Shadybrook. He tells her to come with him, she hesitates at first but slowly & surely she starts to change, the attitude is now darker, still as bubbly as before but now replaced with hatred for one man, the same name Jack keeps repeating over & over. Oddfellow. So its set that they are gonna run away together & get Revenge on Dr. Oddfellow for everything that he's done to Jack & now by association Chance. They go Mickey & Mallory on Shadybrook & leave it a path of destruction with bodies everywhere. Jack & Chance head towards the Carnival to became anew & to get that final revenge & do just that one night when Jack kills Oddfellow. What everyone didn't know. Oddfellow had a secret that no one was aware of, he came from a rich family & they gifted him control of Shadybrook when they passed away so Chance was treated like garbage in the beginning by the owner of Shadybrook over the phone but never in public. Because by that time Oddfellow had another business venture he had to attend in person, a Carnival. And the rest.....well all will be revealed at Halloween Horror Nights 26. It's her turn...
  11. Did anyone consider that Murdy ended up getting Amityville so he passed on Conjuring to do it? Looks similar to the house & they have Awakening coming out in January with Kurtwood Smith who is from New Lisbon, Wisconsin. Just a thought. Of course i'm still sticking to this being The Conjuring with Krampus being another part of the park but just food for thought.
  12. I think i'll join you guys, might be fun to watch for a while.
  13. I can see Trick R Treat next year. If AHS is connected to anything, i'm thinking its the 4th Maze Murdy mentioned working on . 32,000 pictures to go through & 110 pages. Makes me think that might be AHS. Doris Day could still be Krampus. When you start second guessing yourself you usually kick yourself when the original idea you had ends up happening. I've had Wisconsin as The Conjuring since day one so unless I find out outright that its not coming, i'm not second guessing myself.
  14. Yeah just like we had, roaming through yes but I doubt any set scarezone in Springfield.
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