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  1. ^ Yeah, I'm very happy about the Psycho house option. I just hope it's not crowded in front of the house the entire night.
  2. Got my ticket for Delusion. It's most likely going to be the most unique haunted house experience ever. Then HHN the next day. Anyways, I have a question about photo taking. I know it's not allowed to take any pics inside the mazes etc, but do people get away with it? Also, if not that, how easy is it to get your photos in front of the facade?
  3. ^ I'm actually pretty excited about that Silent Hill sign. There's no way I'm leaving without getting a picture under it. As for the whole TCM/Sawyer House facade...I dig the idea. I was at that restaurant in Texas last year and trust me, the house makes you feel more of that original TCM feeling then I'd imagine the graveyard or gas station would. The graveyard and gas station we're brief scenes in the movie which makes me wonder why everyone would rather have them as a facade. ...and there's no way the remake is better then the original film. It was good though, don't get me wrong.
  4. So I guess there's no upgrade option for front of the line pass for $30-40 is there? Reason is that I want to go to the day park as well and I'm looking for a package. A day/night combo works, but I also want front of the line which already includes admission, but its $89 for that. So I'd be spending $89 (fotl) plus $99 (day/night pass). Any way around this or to save money?
  5. ^Yeah, I don't live in LA either. I'll be in LA for 1 week and I want to make damn sure I see everything I came to see even if I am done in 2 hours. That just means more time to walk around in the park, catch a repeat maze at the end of the night or go back and party . I do wish the fotl pass was unlimited, but I have to take what I can get for the right price.
  6. But I think Front of the Line for one night is good if your only going one night. That way you can accomplish everything in 1 night and be done with it. Also, regarding these $109 front of the line passes...isn't that Orlando's website? I don't think Hollywood has them up yet.
  7. How fast do front of the line passes normally sell out? Hours, days, a month? I'll probably be going on Sun 10/28 which is closer to Halloween, but still a Sunday.
  8. I was looking at the Orlando tix that are on sale just to get an idea. I know they're not the same, but a general admission ticket was something like $88, but then a FOTL pass on the same day I am going 10/28 is $59.99. If the FOTL pass included general admission, I don't think it would be cheaper then a regular general admission ticket. That really doesn't make sense to me. I guess Hollywood would have to do it totally different. I think with regular daytime admission to the park, a stay and scream pass to HHN and an upgrade to FOTL was looking something like $200 bucks.
  9. I'm pretty sure the original house is much smaller then the houses used in the remake and prequel. Does anyone else think the maze would perhaps be shorter and maybe a bit more cool? Also, what are the chances they'll make it look exactly like this?
  10. So it looks like this is the first TCM maze at HHN that's based off the original. I'm pumped for this year. All I'm waiting on now is when the tickets go on sale.
  11. ^I would have preferred no taglines at all on this one. Still really excited for it though.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, I can never get enough TCM. Repeat or not, I guarantee it's not going to be a clone of previous mazes. A maze based on the original will make my day.
  13. So what time do you guys think the official word is getting released today? I see no sign that it's coming this morning. I guess I'm anxious to see what I already know.
  14. I'm not gonna knock it too much until I try it. I think in one way, I'm relieved and happy that the Universal Monsters are still gonna be there and they're doing something different with it for the 100 year anniversary. In other way, I'm kinda tired of the new generation of music and horror movies....or everything for that matter. I mean why is Dubstep getting so popular these days?
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