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  1. Great find Mystique. Looks like we may be getting a 9th house this year! Sounds exciting.
  2. That was certainly unexpected lol.
  3. Aiello and Murdy have both been teasing announcements earlier than usual so I think we will get a house reveal by the middle or end of June.
  4. Dr. JImmy's photo hinting at the "prison" house. The guy in the image is Guiseppe Zangara and he was the assassin of Chicago mayor Anton Cermak, though United States President–electFranklin D. Roosevelt may have been his intended target.[1] Roosevelt escaped injury, but five people were shot including Cermak.
  5. It looks good but idk. It can be a scare zone. Just to add in, the SAW franchise is one of the goriest series of films ever in recent horror film history. It was a house at HHN 2009. So because Evil Dead is gory LIKE SAW, it wont show up even though SAW did? Think about that :)J
  6. Ok, how is gore a problem? Once again, this is Halloween Horror Nights, not Halloween "Mild" Nights! If Hollywood can have extreme gore, why can't HHN Orlando? It's too gory? Since when is that a problem Charles? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I'm sorry Charles but with all do respect, I find your statement to be unreasonable and I do not agree with it at all. SAW was gory at some parts. Guess what? It showed up. The Thing was gory in 1 or 2 scenes too, it showed up too! Is there a gore/detail limitation or something? Honestly! lol. Evil Dead would be an AMAZING house! Not only gory, but scary as well! Also, Evil Dead with its popularity, fan base and box office records recently ($26 million right now) Universal would totally consider doing a maze for it. Also, I agree with that Corey Allen said, for those who dont like IP houses, you are up for a rude awakening. Sorry :/
  7. There are many scenes in Evil Dead that be replicated. Too gory? It's HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS! lol. They've had gory houses in the past! Why not now? It would be a great IP to bring to the event. Also, there are lots of scenes they can replicate. It would definitely work as a house.
  8. Things I would like to see at HHN 23 and on: 1. Slender house or scare zone. 2. Scare zones with roaming hordes. 3. Original Icon. 4. A central theme. 5. More originality and few IP. 6. A back story to the event. 7. Switch off years (one year has IP and original, the other has all original) 8. More gore in houses. 9. More scare actors in the streets. 10. Continuance of implementation of good, effective scares in houses but also experimenting with new scare tactics. 11. Lagoon shows...WITH SET TIMES! 12. Continuance of 8 houses or in the future, if possible, 9 or maybe 10 (too much?) 13. 1 or 2 extreme houses. (preferably 1) 14. More sound stage houses. 15. Midnight Syndicate, Nox Arcana, horror movie soundtracks etc in streets and houses (depending on the attractions) 16. A Halloween (Michael Myers) house...in a SOUND STAGE! 17. Dead Space video game house. 18. Call of Duty: Zombies house/scare zone. 19. Less reliance on strobe light effects and sounds in houses for scares triggers. 20. A reunion year every once in a while. 21. Fear to return every reunion year with past and new icons and for him to look more evolved and horrifying every time. 22. Hell, slasher and war themed years. 23. Halloween Horror Nights 23 to come faster and be a great success. I think this year we will have a LT sequel house and possibly LT and the legions to be a central part in the event. My feelings about HHN 23 are that we will have IP houses but the event will be more original. I think we will have a central theme, back story and main icon again. Not sure about scare zones returning but I think the legions will come back but in a different way. Maybe roaming hordes with scare zones? I hope so! Above all all things, I want to see: icon, theme, back story, Slender, Scare zones or hordes and zones and more originality for HHN 23. Let's see what happens...

  10. Something big might be announced in the middle of August btw. In 2 weeks approximately...stay tuned!

  11. Silent Hill...will...be....INTENSE

  12. And Acid Assault house will BLOW ME AWAY!!!
  13. So much confusion with the houses/SZ!!!

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