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  1. I have to say, I thought the opening of this years B&T was one of the better parts of the show overall.
  2. As of right now there is no exact order or time schedule for the "kill moments".
  3. To the three ladies in the Nightmares shirts... Thank You for the bracelet!!!'
  4. If you're looking up while walking through that scene, it's kind of hard to miss.
  5. the first, daylight, set of the night is the best time to actually see more details in the house itself. If you're able to go then, I'd recommend it. Not for scares though.
  6. Giggles and Gore: 6 Dracula: 5 Dollhouse: 4 Roanoke: 3 FDTD: 3 Halloween: 1 AvP: 1 WD: 1 B&T: 2 RHPS: 0
  7. Ya'll need to look around more. I've seen at least 4 Jack references in the house, none of which are a costume that a scareactor is wearing. The Blender is one of them. Some of them are more blatant and others more obscure than that.
  8. *cough* 2010 twenty years of fear *cough*
  9. I'm assuming he means what Knott's did last year with a "skeleton key" add on to your ticket which could be purchased and gave you access to a extra room in the mazes. Kind of like a express pass plus bonus scenes.
  10. Not surprising. Especially with a spin off in the works. Meh
  11. proper training is mandatory. Plugs are provided and it is heavily suggested that we wear them but the choice is ultimately ours. However, if we choose not to wear them, we are aware of the Possible hearing loss consequences. That said, I've got a speaker sitting at my feet and I can promise you, the volume has not been lowered.
  12. I can neither confirm nor deny that statement, officially.
  13. At what point in time was a boogeyman house scrapped in favor of Roanoke? The only scrapped house was replaced with fdtd? Or so I thought.
  14. I'm glad you liked giggles! I guess we'll settle for a 8 out of 10. For now...
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