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  1. Someone on another board mentioned ops was telling people to put away their cameras/phones in the queue way before the entrance to AHS.
  2. I'll add all nine with a spec guess at what unannounced houses may or I hope to be. 1. Krampus - I've not even seen the movie yet but I just love the whole thing about it. Cool characters, etc. Will actually be getting the movie to watch tonight. <wide margin> 2. TCM - Original movie version and too creepy sick to not be here. Pure horror. 3. H2 - Final scene from H1 bridging through town and into the hospital should be a wild ride. 4. Ghost Town - Sharing SS24 with TWD love the setting / period and expect a great house. 5. Exorcist - Would like this to be higher but I'm worried about the execution or how I perceive it. Hope it exceeds my expectations. 6. El Chupacabra - In T1 - just guessing what this will be. Expect a nice surprise from this original no matter what it is. 7. AHS - Haven't watched every season but if this is the mega house in SS25 it will have variety. 8. Chance - Hoping I don't need to be a psychologist to enjoy this one. Setting expectations low. 9. TWD - Wife and I like the show so we should enjoy it but it's getting tired from a house perspective. Hard to seed some of these because I think 26 will be solid house wise. Some have to be near the bottom.
  3. I thinks it's nice for some of us who have to pay for airfare and hotels along with non-resident passes to get thrown a bone every once in awhile. Yes you are grumpy.
  4. This link is from OI and shows a pic of the path to right side of the main entrance for onsite guests. I've always had park tickets and done S&S so have never used it. Not sure if it's still a thing for 26. http://d3b8erylo0uriu.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/halloween-horror-nights-hhn-2014-0822-oi.jpg
  5. A lot of spec has been that H2 will be in Parade. We'll see if this holds true very soon I'm sure.
  6. Are you doing both AM and PM? I heard those doing the combo will check into IOA and those doing singles will go to the normal US check in location.
  7. Thanks Gambit. Great stuff. The link for the Chance mobile WP in the first row top right is messed up. Just FYI. Thank you again!
  8. Not a 3rd tent for a house? New building? Two houses in the existing parade? Getting kind of confusing at this point but damn this is fun.
  9. You are possibly cancelling because of ONE house? That's not fair to the other eight. Ignore TWD and come.
  10. Good point. Did not think about the cooling aspect that Krampus would require. Maybe Krampus is in 21 part of the mega/uber. Still hard to tell what is where.
  11. Based on this latest twist I'm guessing Krampus, if it happens, goes to T3. The original Requel per Legacy's list now shares SS24 with TWD.
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