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  1. I was given an opportunity to tour two houses a few days ago with the creative team. On my site now is a walkthrough photo tour of Singapore's marquee house this year, Curse of The Naga. https://dejiki.com/2019/09/uss-hhn9-curse-of-the-naga-house-preview/
  2. Halloween Horror Nights 9 was announced today in Singapore. This year we will have 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones, 2 shows, and a Halloween Carnival area at the park's Hollywood Lagoon. Video: The lineup of houses include a mix of regional, local and "generic" horror stories. The headliner is Curse of the Naga, an original house created in partnership with Thai horror filmmakers about a legend of a demonic snake spirit. The Chalet Hauntings will feature ghosts from the Southeast Asian region, while Spirit Dolls brings us to a village filled with creepy, life-sized dolls. Completing the lineup of houses are Twisted Clown University (Murderous clowns) and Hell Block 9 (Prison themed). For scare zones, Death Fest brings a "death metal" experience - even with a park-wide parade on certain days, while Dead End is where one could observe macabre rites of the dead. This is also where this year's icon, The Undertaker, will prowl for victims. A new comedy show, Skin & Bones, staged at Pantages completes this year's entertainment lineup. I've got the full details on my site: https://dejiki.com/2019/08/uss-hhn9-guide-event-ticket/
  3. My FULL REVIEW is up with lots of photos showcasing EVERYTHING - 5 houses, 3 shows, 2 zones and Zombie Laser Tag! https://dejiki.com/2018/09/uss-hhn8-halloween-horror-nights-8-review/
  4. First look walkthrough inside Singapore's STRANGER THINGS maze! https://www.facebook.com/DejikiNicholas/videos/922570804609587/
  5. It'll be up tonight, 9PM Singapore Time. Meanwhile, I have more photos of this year's icons on my website.
  6. Pagoda of Peril's short film will be very different from the rest - It's an animated film. I'll have a new video showing the makeup and costume process for Yin Demon, similar as the Cannibal Chief. Stay tuned.
  7. I have a new video up of a new character that has not been revealed yet - this is the Cannibal Chief from the Cannibal scare zone, and you get to see the makeup being done. Enjoy!
  8. Here's a highlights video of the opening, haunted houses, and scare zones.
  9. Last night was the Media Preview for Singapore's HHN. Here's my quick photo report. https://dejiki.com/2017/09/uss-hhn7-sneak-preview/ My full review will be up later this week.
  10. http://dejiki.com/2017/08/uss-hhn7-before-dark-1/ First construction update is up on my website:
  11. The park may have decided to change things here and there, but let me just say that there are many more unique characters inside the Make The Cut house that could have "icon-worthy" looks. The icon of Narcissism (nicknamed Raven) is part of a trio known as the "Slit Face Girls", and they have her own live show in the park. Next week, the Terracotta Empress will be revealed.
  12. At every reveal, the haunted house is accompanied with a mini-game to encourage sharing on social media, plus participants get a chance to win free passes to the event. I am aware of where all the houses are built this year. The Death Mall is the headliner, and they have rather ambitious plans to top the houses that were built there before. Anyway, my full guide went up yesterday. http://dejiki.com/2017/08/uss-hhn7-guide-event-hauntedhouses-scarezones-ticket/
  13. Ah, that was just a draft that wasn't supposed to go out... yet. As usual, I will be covering this year's event and posting them on my site. If there's anything you guys want to see or any questions, let me know and I'll try.
  14. I was at the preview last night, here are some photos: http://dejiki.com/2016/09/uss-hhn6-sneak-preview/
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