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  1. If this hits, can we make August 15th Final Reveal Day for years to come?
  2. Well, we can hope there's something on the official site, at least. With this hitting though I doubt it's going to be much longer at all.
  3. I has been two years since i've attended but for four years in a row I had made it a point to make it to Orlando, it was interesting to watch the severity of security procedures increase. The last time I went, it took my party 45 minutes to move from the spinning globe just outside the park into the gates to a point where we could walk without being caught in a crowd. That's 2-3 houses with an express pass. But as you said, there's a greater need for security based on events occurring in the world that hadn't been considered or prepared for. We're all going to suffer for that garbage in the long run.
  4. Back from a long hiatus! Hello again, all. Dead Man's Wharf sounds interesting, if only because I recently beat the Fallout 4 DLC themed around a harbor in maine. So that's fresh in my mind. Chance in Hell and Banshee's Lair are tied for second, with the other two resting at the bottom of the barrel anticipation-wise.
  5. On our unmasking the horror tour someone asked the guide about this. His reply was that they simply stopped using PS for this year, that there is no conclusion to that character at the moment.
  6. For my tour they failed to mention the "no video" aspect until our exit from walking dead. Worked to our benefit, but still: no video during the tours
  7. All of the jack stuff should be available next weekend. My aunt spoke with someone last night about the jack bobble head and was told all of those goodies should be here in a week
  8. The wait times for houses are on the website under "extras"
  9. The completionist in me wants to recommend the opening scaremonies. But 2-3 houses before the crowds start to pile up is enticing as well. I'd say it depends on what you'd rather see; You're going to see the houses anyway, it's just a matter of what time/how quickly you want to see them.
  10. Just about six hours to go until the event goes live. I wanted to get the sentiment out of the way early and say it has been another fantastic 9 months of speculation and discussion. I want to wish everyone a happy haunting season! Okay, that out of the way, I'm curious about Herschel's barn. Is it packed to the gills with walkers or is a nice burny smelling place to stop and enjoy a beer and hot dog?
  11. Yeah, have to agree there. I had started making the shirts my thing to buy at the event but that tag line is terrible.
  12. Generic saws...any theming to speak of or just a bunch of costumed actors with power tools
  13. I recall that conversation from a while back. It's not that I dislike the masks, they work real well for displaying decay, tissue damage, etc. that would otherwise be corny with make-up. I was more insinuating the effects from the show that involve hours of make up and a combination of make-up and masks to offer a convincing visage of undeath aren't possible. The masks'll do the job just fine
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