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  1. ^ O loardy that is one F-ed up girl O_o Do you know where thats from? Oh and BTW really cool pictures.
  2. Are you sure its 2 Ts? To me it just looks like there is only one T. The line for the A looks like a T but is just the line for the A connecting to the top part of the T and forming the line in the middle. Just like L forming the E.
  3. 16 was my first year going at 8 year old. I remember PUtS:UC was my first house. I dont remember much except for running and grabing onto a teenage girl and she turned around and slaped my uncle in the face because I just happened to grab her on her rearend. I was not trying to I ran forward with my eyes closed and finding a human that wasnt trying to scare the living crap out of me. Then I remember my uncle getting drunk right off the entrance to PUtS ( I think ouside MiB?) and then I needed to watch B&T. Then we hit Dungen of Terror (That was in jaws right?) then lines got long so we went backto the hotel. Now that I think of it We went on a night were it stormed and there was a tornado somewhere north west of Ocala. It didnt rain but it had awesome stormclounds and lighning that intensified the event very nicely.
  4. Just wondering, Who would you count as a "...villian we know..."? There could be some (like myself) who have not gone to the movies in over 8 months ( I had 4 surgeries and counting and am unable to sit.) so some, or alot, might not like certain movies for people in it or dont find the story interesting. So I think certaint people get certaint things and some have no clue. I dont get what you mean about wanting more action. .Not saying your opinions wrong just wondering about the hate towards the show as it is now. It still draws in the GP so it eliviates some extra crowd-age from streets and houses. I agree with you on fight scenes but it isn't "Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Halloween Stunt Show". The ony thing I really want changed is the parts where it turns into a song and dance. I think the show has changed over the years from a action/comedy show to a comedy show. In an event already filled with chainsaw weiding maniacs and all other sorts of freaks, Its nice to have a change of pace and sit for 30 min to an hour and relax. I know it is a halloweeen event but its funny ,entertaning ,and keeps the crowds down even if it is only a small amount.
  5. This is just a fun fact but Ventura connects to Cahuenga Dr. Cahunenga gos to Olympic Blvd. which Olympic Stadium is on which hosted the 1932 Olympics. One of few olympics to have lacrosse as a sport. Jjust making connections. Edit- Followed wrong street. Unless you count Highland connecting to Cahunenga and then Highland going to Olympic blvd.
  6. I was wondering the same thing....It looks like dragons?
  7. Thats not what I am talking about....They are "random pictures" ...Im being "general" here
  8. Its pretty "general"...You need to look....
  9. Anybody check out Dr's photos? They are Random pictures....
  10. Hmm...thats odd...trick or treaters in Cenntral park? Zombies in new york...Isee what you did there
  11. Comment edit because not my thought...I have nightmares as my homepage and my brother used my computer
  12. Really cool. I like the cat one
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