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  1. I think you are correct, I believe it happened one year when this was a rumored house but it never came to light. I tried looking for the interview but cannot locate it.
  2. From the picture JDW posted, the stakes are $550 and the Jack in the box statue is $300.
  3. I definitely prefer it over the blood writing or a phrase about zombies or walkers.
  4. The HHN takeover of Aftermath looks awesome!! Universal Blog also just made a post of new HHN merch http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/hhn-merchandise/ Edit: JDW posted pics of the merch in the link
  5. You can definitely buy tours after HHN has started. I think the Saturdays will fill up quickest, but I think the September dates might not fill up that quick compared to the October ones. You can always call and see the availability/spots left on the tour for your date.
  6. I'm not sure what they could do as a shared facade to represent both, so I think it'll be whoever starts the house. I am not sure how they will transition from Freddy to Jason or vice versa. Outdoor scene?
  7. I feel the same way. I really want to see the Monsters and Mayhem house because I think that will be the most interesting detail wise to see lights on because of all the HHN history. I also saw AWIL on the tour back in 2013, so as much as I loved that house, I would rather see others on the tour. I wouldn't have booked mine so soon because I would rather know as well, but I was afraid it would fill up. I think dream tour would be FvJ, anniversary house, Body Collectors/Insidious (can't pick, I'd be happy with either).
  8. I know none of the Universal VIP tour people I spoke to knew or would say anything when I booked my UTH tour. I'm not sure if anyone on here knows specific morning vs afternoon yet, but I know the 6 houses that will be options for the tour was vaguely tossed around on the discussion post. I believe it was discussed that TWD, Insidious, FvJ, The Purge, Anniversary House, and Body Collectors were all the most likely to show up on the tour and even maybe AWIL instead of one of those(Wolves!). Nothing is for sure though, we probably won't know until the first UTH tour happens.
  9. I feel like Left Shark from the SuperBowl might squeeze into one of the dancing numbers for Bill and Ted.
  10. It will be nice if they do reduce the "safe zones"/dead space quite a bit. Does anyone think this might extend to the London walkway or would that be too much cluster?
  11. Thanks! I've been on the UTH tours the past couple of years and I thought they usually have a fixed set of 3 for each tour and sometimes due to certain things one might get changed around like you mentioned. I remember one year we couldn't go in one tent because of some issue. It was just the way the rep this year worded it made it sound like it was constantly changing daily, but I do agree that the various rotations would be unlikely. She also probably can't say a whole lot anyways, so that was probably her generic answer. I just wanted to compare in the past that it was typically the same pattern for the morning and afternoon tours. Thank you for clearing that up!
  12. When I called yesterday, she said they are changing the rotation of houses each day, so there is no set lineup for each(which they might do every year anyway), but she wouldn't say anything about which houses.
  13. I always try and do a UTH tour, but I was wondering do they always rotate morning and afternoon houses on the tour or have they usually stayed mostly the same day to day as far as the same 3 are on the morning tour everyday and the same 3 for the afternoon everyday? I only ask because I went to go book my tour yesterday and I was wondering if she could give me an idea of the houses on each tour now that the full reveal is out, but she said it changes daily.
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