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  1. I was really looking forward for the VIP again this year since I generally do HHN orlando on a fri night then fly over sat morning and do HHN hollywood that sat night. The best way I think to get a great trip and not rush IS VIP! What do i have to do to put more pressure on bringing it back????
  2. I would guess with all the walking on the stairs to and from the lower and upper lots, it would be a bad area for someone who is buzzed to drunk...
  3. I will be down friday. I remember getting a button from you back when the vault was up and running. Would love to get one of these!
  4. Hey... just do the stay and scream, hit one or two soundstage house then run...RUN over to the parade building then do the event counter clockwise, you shouldnt have any probiem. A lot of people would still kinda be getting off work so the crowds wont be that bad at first...
  5. Thanks guys. I looked around and saw rooms close in the 300-400 range! So, I went to priceline and took a chance. I really, REALLY wanted one of the two places on the hill so I chose 4 stars. Unfortunetly, I didnt get one of those but got the www.hotelamarano.com for 180.00 with taxes instead. Its showing it to be like 1.25 miles away from the park. Anyone in the area familiar with this place? Im nervous!
  6. Ok...another question. Can someone suggest a close hotel? I stayed at the hilton right on the hill. While its an ideal location i realized I was in the room less than 8 hours my entire stay while at universal studios. Any closer places that are pretty reasonable? How about transportation to and from the hotel? Is the taxi service fair or is it like that non metered taxis in orlando? Thanks for the help guys!
  7. I will be going octover 11th and doing the VIP tour...Im traveling alone so always up to meet/hang with anyone!
  8. Hey guys...im gonna cut to the chase. Any employees have an extra spot for preview night they are willing to let a die hard fan use? I would love to be able to experience this years preview night but living in south carolina doesn't allow me to well...be an employee! Im uber friendly and like to buy my friends drinks :whoo:. I know third party employees can also purchase the preview night tickets for 10 dollars...well, that was the case in 2012. So, if you can help or know someone who can help please PM me with some details!
  9. October 11th! WIll be ringing in my birthday, october 12th, hopefully getting the crap scared out of me!
  10. Looks like I will be getting the VIP option. I don't get to experience HHN Hollywood as much as I do HHN Orlando so it seems its my better option. Thanks guys...
  11. Hey guys...I know a lot of Orlando folks also participate on this forum....and a lot of them want to experience both events (back to back preferably). Well, I just booked a flight from Orlando--->Burbank then from Orange county--->Columbia SC for JUST 447.00! Flights seems to be reasonable right now. My travel dates are oct 11th-15th to give you an idea. Seems the best time to buy flights is NOW!!!
  12. Hey guys! Coming back for my second year. I could never have planned such a successful trip last year without the help of you professionals at this site so I have to come back and say thanks and extend my hand again for help! I want to go bigger and better this year so I am considering the VIP experience. While it is costly I would like to know what you guys think about it. Have you done one? If so share your experiences. Share your pictures, share your video. Im sure im not the only one curious about it so help myself and others make that final decision. Thanks in advance...
  13. I wanna thank everyone who contributes to this thread. Last year was my first time at HHN hollywood and if it werent for you guys I would not have enjoyed myself as much as I did! looking forward to more tips and advise as the event opens!
  14. Having done the maze last year in orlando, im ecstatic about being able experience it again! I have to say, it was def one of the top intense maze I have ever been in. Quite naturally, i am expecting this rendition to be better than orlando's. Those puppets are much larger in person!
  15. Wait...did I miss something? When was this announced!
  16. As of park opening this morning, ALL adult HHN shirts are 9.99, kids are 8.99. Also, the universal studios zombie hoodie was 18.99!
  17. ...and wants to go? If you can be INSIDE universal studios before closing hurry and send me a private message!
  18. About early entry? Is it a particular place to go for it? Do you tell the people at the fate you want early entry? Please expli ed to me how it works???
  19. Thanks for saving me that much more money! Im usually a one and done type haunter unless it really blows me away (Like american werewolf in london did!)
  20. i know in orlando it doesnt matter who you are buying the tickets for. They dont have to be AP holders...I was even advised by the ticket counter person that even with my premier pass (for orlando) I can give my free HHN ticket to anyone...I didnt have to be the person to use it...but then again this is orlando Im talking about...
  21. So...what I read is that if I get there early (will be there on saturday october 12th) for the early access and go to the backlot (black sabbath and WD) I really dont need to fork over the extra 70.00 for FOL? Im a veteran HHN orlando visitor (since 2004) and haven't used an express since like 2005...
  22. Hey guys I will be at the preview tonight! Black guy, lower back length dreds, pink shorts, brown and white vertical stripped shirt, brown trucker hat.
  23. I will be attending the event on october 12th. First time at HHN hollywood...first time in california! I will be traveling alone and is always up to hang out!
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