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  1. 1. La Llorona 2. CITW 3. Evil Dead 4. Havoc 5. TWD 6. Afterlife 7. AWIL 8. Resident Evil RE-DO 1. La Llorona 2. Evil Dead 3. CITW 4. Afterlife 5. AWIL 6. Resident Evil 7. Havoc 8. TWD
  2. I'm hoping there will be another Cigarz meetup!?!?
  3. An original icon(s). An opening scare-a-mony, more theming throughout the park. Something that ties into Universal horror history. An actual interactive online game, website, experience. Set scare zones, I wouldn't even mind if you threw in some roamers as well. At least 8 houses if not more, and they could make them darker that would be great.... An extreme house, or just a generally more extreme event.
  4. Halloween fever has hit me early this year :)

  5. Ceiling guy in Alice Cooper got me so bad tonight! Was the only true scare I've gotten the entire event, bravo to you sir.
  6. We survived Hell Week! Wow that was rough.
  7. Props to all the scareactors that had to deal with what I like to call "Hell NIght" tonight! (not to be confused with hell week...which is next week...ugh)
  8. That is so sad Unfortunately I see guests do stupid stuff to scareactors all night long, that being said feel free to let security know when you exit the house if you saw another guest doing something harmful to anyone (breaking stuff in the house, hitting the performers or other guests). The scareactors do look out for you guys too! If a guest gets hurt/falls/or is hit by another guest they go tell someone to make sure you guys are ok
  9. The more I see Warriors the more I like them. Their costumes might not be as cool as others and the whole idea might not be great but they seriously bring it every time I see them.
  10. I saw that same guy when the Vampires were there...anyone who can elaborate or confirm what the two-faced guy is part of?
  11. I would like to apologize for yelling "MORE COWBELL!" everytime I see this horde, I'm sorry I just can't help myself.
  12. Last night on my break went over to Hollywood Blvd, that whole strip of street was FILLED to the brim with scareactors. Prisoners and Traditionals seemed to be intermingled throughtout the whole street, Beasts also walked through while the Prisoners and Traditionals were still there. There was more scareactors than people over there, it was awesome to watch! Plus they actually attempted to scare me which was much appreciated Has anyone else seen this? I was under the impression that all the legions were pretty much seperated into zones throughtout the night so it was a nice surprise to see so many of them together in the same place.
  13. If you ever experience If this happens again and they tell you that you can't bring it in ask to see the security supervisor. I've had to do this a couple of times over ridiculous items I "can't bring in", the security is really misinformed and they're not so nice about it either.
  14. Apparently they don't start giving out the cards until after I get to work...so no card for me
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