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  1. I just want the vinyl in general. If I can get to it, I may upload it. Ill be there in a week, but im sort of doubting its still gonna be available.
  2. I wonder if that was supposed to go up with a announcement or one will follow once the site gets back up. The stuff is noice though
  3. Hopefully the skrim them or dress them up with something.
  4. Does Netherworld ever change sets though, or is it more or less is what it is year in and year out? Even with Uni's money, could be the difference.
  5. Ive been following the event for years before I have actually been able to attend, (I live in St. Louis, and it hasn't been the easiest to get down there. Ive been to 2012 & 2014, and im coming down for this years) so I probably shouldn't talk, but I just don't see the point of complaining about the event if you don't enjoy it anymore. If you dont like the event, its as easy as not wasting your money and time, and just dont go. I mean, maybe she feels the need to cause shes a blogger and blah blah blah, but holy hell. She more or less had nothing good to say about the whole event. I just can't comprehend how anything bums anyone out that much.
  6. Man, I hope I never become as sad and jaded at anything. It must be real hard for her to get up in the morning and enjoy life.
  7. How has none of the information from London leaked yet ?!?!?
  8. To be fair though, the trailer is meant to be a sizzle reel of the season, but also made to not spoil who Negan offed on the show. Could be a reason it looks aimless.
  9. If that phone case is available for a S6 Edge by some random form of happenstance, someone has got to let me know.
  10. Tried the Newcastle Cabbie yesterday. Not too shabby.
  11. http://watchseries.lt/serie/From_Dusk_Till_Dawn:_The_Series Not sure if advertising is allowed or not, but oh well. Streaming it from there
  12. I just watched the first episode. Im a big fan of the original, and I was actually pleasantly surprised, so I am gonna watch the rest and be optimistic about this maze.
  13. That Interstellar Terror gag. Where it looks like you are super far up, but its mirrors on teh ground and its actually built on the roof or whatever Also, I just realized im in the Hollywood Thread, so if you dont know what im talking about, my bad
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