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  1. This is my personal favorite house this year. The costumes are a little cheesy, but that honestly adds to the charm. Kinda reminds me of Creatures! from 2008. Apparently there's a "controversial" scene in the house, referring to a dog? My friend who went with me mentioned it, can anybody tell me about that?
  2. Hey all, I co-host a podcast called The Ghost Hosts' Horror Podcast! We review and discuss many horror related topics, and at the end of a season, we have a horror villain showdown, where the winner is voted on by the polls. Last year, because of fans like you, Jack and Chance were the winners! It's a March Madness type tournament, so every pairing has its own poll. Go and vote now! https://www.facebook.com/439310469816324/posts/711757545904947/ https://www.facebook.com/439310469816324/posts/711759029238132/ https://www.facebook.com/439310469816324/posts/711761329237902/ https://www.facebook.com/439310469816324/posts/711766209237414/ https://www.facebook.com/439310469816324/posts/711766729237362/ https://www.facebook.com/439310469816324/posts/711768879237147/
  3. I gotta say how gutted I am that Hollywood is getting Creepshow this year. I co-host a horror podcast, and we talked about the one movie we'd want to see represented at HHN more than any other, and mine was Creepshow. Killer Klowns was a close second, so I'm very happy about that, but Creepshow was still my number one, and I won't get to see it. I hope beyond hope that we get it next year here in Orlando.
  4. Hey all, I co-host a podcast called The Ghost Hosts' Horror Podcast, where we talk about, amongst other things, HHN Orlando. We couldn't decide between 4 previous events to review, so we're leaving it up to the public! We appreciate your feedback!
  5. Yeah, it looks to me like an HHN version of their current "play it loud" commercials.
  6. Even though I'm personally not a fan of the film, I liked the SZ quite a bit last year and I think it's gonna make a good house. As somebody mentioned in another thread, the theming of TrT is kind of reminiscent of The Hallow, which is one of my favorite houses of all time, so I'm looking forward to this.
  7. I hate to sound negative but this gets a big shrug from me. The original DE didn't make much of an impact on me, it wasn't even close to my favorite house of the year that year, which was The Hallow, which in my opinion is the second scariest house I've ever been through in HHN. Personally, I'm not a fan of the "dark" houses. I find them frustrating to walk through, and honestly not scary. I can't be scared by something I don't see, but that's just me.
  8. If we're sold on "coach" as a clue, then keep in mind that Cinderella is famous for riding in a coach. Cinderella, Cindy. Just a thought.
  9. Qanat? If it were Qanat, and letters 2 and 4 were circled (as I see a 2 and 4 in the picture,) and this series is truly done as Ifrit claims, then we are left with lccothuaa if I'm not mistaken. "Cachalot" is a word that uses these letters; it is the Spanish word for "Sperm Whale," and is a derivative of the word "cachola," meaning "big head."
  10. Looking at this, I see 8 letters that aren't crossed out. These are I, Y, X, U, O, Q, T, and R. I decided to use an unscrambler on those letters and found "quixotry," which, according to Wiki, means "A wild, visionary idea, an eccentric notion or act; a quixotism." Also according to Wiki, the word is derived from the Don Quixote story. Don Quixote saw giants. Jack the Giant Slayer? Also, if "quixotry" is actually the word, the circled letters are O and T.
  11. I kind of like this idea, so I decided to Wiki 392 to see if it had any significance to anything that could potentially be used this year... In the year 392, according to Wiki, "Theodosius I becomes the last emperor who rules the whole Roman Empire. He issues an edict reinforcing the prohibition of prayers or sacrifices at non-Christian temples. He also bans items of spiritual significance that could be used in the home such as incense or spiritual figures." I also looked up some Mathematical stuff about 392, and found out that it is what is known as a "Harshad number." Googling the origin of the name "Harshad" revealed that it is a Hindi name meaning "bringer of joy." Probably means nothing, but it's worth a shot.
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