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  1. Trust me, NO one wants that smell in your house! They are true bio hazards after six weeks. Remember how hot it was opening weekend? Ew.
  2. me too. and Ive worked the event for years. still nothing. it does seem like they are looking for something very specific with the taller slender girls while the curvy girls in that height range are already cast. they may be waiting to send the emails out to all of the same type at once or you and I could just be sol. who knows.
  3. It was in the comments. I took a screenshot cause it was interesting but don't know how to post it.
  4. So the fb page just made a post and in the comments directed everyone to the audition page. Anyone have any ideas? There was nothing there.
  5. Thanks guys! Question? Do we know what venue it's going to be in? I heard they lost a couple but I'm not sure which ones.
  6. Wait, did they ever say the word maze? I keep seeing experience. John's a carny to his core. There's something we are missing here.
  7. Ok, so I've been out of town and came back to find everyone talking about hiking around the backlot for a maze. Question: even if the tent is for hhn, what makes you think you'd have to walk? Having a bunch of guest walking around working sound stages at night, where the lighting is poor, and people are drunk, would be an insurance nightmare. Not to mention that they would need way too many security guards. If it is a maze back there, I bet everyone get on a tram. There are a couple of places I can think of to load and unload trams. A que line by itself takes up less space than a maze and its line. Another thing to consider is the question of whether that tent is big enough for both a maze and a break room for actors, security, and line control. That's a lot of people that need space on break. Plus you need bathrooms for all of them. In the park, everyone breaks separately and there are restrooms available. You don't have that back there.
  8. Not sure what's in store for me this year. I really want to do it but I have a funeral to go to during when I signed up and I emailed asking to switch days but haven't heard back. I hope I can do it again. As for whether being a girl hurts your chances or not, I'm a girl and I've done it for three years now. Not all roles are gender specific. Some times it depends on your size
  9. Sorry but Not true. I grew up with the candyman legend long before the film came out. I learned it differently then they tell it in the movie but it was still candyman. They most certainly expanded on it but they did not invent it.
  10. the concept of an original maze has been proven to be a good one but the question now becomes what will they do next? La Llorona was a story I grew up with and it scared the heck out of me. Working in the park, every female character gets asked if they are La Llorona. The story is popular around here and and around the world. What other stories can you think of that could have the same impact? It would have to be something that would drawn in people who remember the story from childhood. People want to get scared by these things. Growing up I remember stories of chupacbra and bloody mary and the candy man, but I don't know if any of those would make a good maze. Candyman might make an interesting scarezone however. Speaking of scarezones, my money is on toyz coming back but the nurses, witches, and klownz going away.
  11. It's also for safety. The longer you stick around after scaring someone, the more likely you are to get hit. Retreating means you not only can reset for the next group but also you stay safer. I am not part of the walking dead crowd this year but I know if i was, I'd be doing the same. Getting hit in costume sucks.
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