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  1. That sounds like an awesome idea! And I don't think it would be that hard to do either. In a scare zone, you can have certain characters roam around and scare people. Then, a few hours later, other characters would come in and "battle" with the other characters. The last few hours of the night would be spent with the new characters. That would be really cool, seeing as how they had a changing SZ with 7 last year. And I could also see them doing that for every SZ for a year.
  2. I would DEFINITELY love an HP Lovecraft house. I'm a huge fan of his work and I would even love it if HHN focused a house on just one of his stories (At the Mountains of Madness, Shadow Over Innsmouth, Call of Cthulhu, ect). But it would also be cool if they did the house like they did with Nevermore, as in going through different stories in each room. I think it would be awesome to see something relating to Rats in the Walls, The Outsider, or Pickman's Model.
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  4. Yeah, I think the Shining would work the best, seeing as how there are so many scenes that you can take from the book (and the film). I think an "It" house would also work. It could be like you are going through the town of Derry, and the clown is terrorizing everyone. You can go through the library, sewages, and end up at the finale of the book, where the clown is "destroyed". I think that would be pretty cool.
  5. Sadly, i only went into four houses that year, so I'm not the most qualified person to consult. But, I would like to share what I thought of the year. Run: Hostile Territory- I would have to say that this was my favorite house of that year. I loved all of the gore that was used in that house, and the facade was really cool. It looked exactly like the setting that it was trying to portray (with the dumpster full of body parts and the back of the building looking like an underground, sleazy killing business). I also remembered there being loud music being played and a guy with a chainsaw literally chasing me OUT of the house. It provided me with a tense feeling that I felt an hour AFTER leaving the house. Still love this house. Psychoscareapy: Maximum Madness- This is the first Psychoscareapy house that I went into, and I have to say that none of the francise's houses has ever let me down. This, like Run, was also pretty intense, as there were loud noises everywhere and inmates jumping out from every corner. Some of the sets here were really well done (including the infamous bathroom scene :<) and the mood of this house was very cool too. So I would say this was a really cool house. I have one problem though. If anyone reads this, I'd like an answer if they went into this house. So, this house is Jack's house, right? But if it's his house, then where was he? I went into the house twice, and every time I went in, I couldn't find him. Maybe it was bad timing or I just don't remember it, but I don't remember seeing him. :l Dungeon of Terror: Retold- I think the Storyteller gets a bad rap. Yeah, she's not the best icon ever, but she's not the worst. I thought she was pretty creepy. As far as her rap with her houses, that's kind of a different story. Her house in 2005, Where Evil Hides, wasn't even really her house. She just randomly appeared at the end. And, again, maybe it was due to bad timing, but I didn't see her in this house. That being said, i thought the concept of an old road-side attraction fit well with this house. The sets looked decrepit, as if they let the DOT sets from 91 rot and then brought it back for another year. I got scared a couple pf times in this house, so I would be lying if I said this house wasn't at least enjoyable. People Under the Stairs: Under Construction- I thought that the miner hats that people wore through the house was cool. But it wasn't dark enough for the people to have them in the first place. Plus, the people that got chosen to wear the hat were usually 1/20, so they were usually far away from me the times I DID go in. I don't really know what else to say about this house. I was just really confused walking through this house, wondering if i should be scared or not. So, that's all I really have to say about that. Now, for the scare zones. Deadtropolis: Under Siege- Overall, this HAS to be one of my favorite scare zones of all time. This had amazing actors, who were everywhere in this HUGE zone. And they ALL got into their roles, whether they were zombies or people trying to kill the zombies. Also, being set in the New York area of Universal, this had one of the best uses of Sting Alley that I have ever seen in a scare zone. Seriously, EVERY time I went into this alley, I was scared out of my wits. And that could also be summed up for this scare zone. Just amazing. I really hope this kind of magic comes to a scare zone again soon. Harvest of Souls- I thought that this had great atmosphere. The pathway that leads from The World Expo to Hollywood Boulevard was a perfect match for it, as the surrounding trees gave the feel of a country/cornfield pathway in a great way. The scare actors were also very into it, jumping out from everywhere to try and scare you. My only problem was that it was a little short. Still, it was a very atmospheric, creepy scare zone. Blood Masquerade- I would say that I enjoyed this more than others did. I thought that the sets were really well designed and the candles that were placed everywhere really drove home the mood of a victorian vampire area. And the bungee rope vampires were a very scary touch as well. But, this also suffers from the same setback that Harvest had, in that it was pretty short. I guess Deadtropolis set my standard for scare zones so high that these seemed to pale in comparison. Still, I would say that this was still a well done scare zone. And that's my review of HHN 16. Bare in mind that the certain things that I reviewed were the only things I did that year (or remember with some efficiency). Still, I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you did, that is...
  6. Two things: 1) I think it would be cool to see both parks utilized for HHN. I didn't go on the 14th, so I would love to see how they would make that work. But I also question how they're going to make with an entrace. Will they use IOA's entrance or USF? Or both? Or maybe this is all irrelevant to the event. But does anyone know how they got to link USF and IOA in 2004? Did they use some background land to do it? 2) Does anyone know why the Herc/Zena warehouse is deemed "uninhabitable"? I'm just curious as to why.
  7. I agree. Even though I am a Stephen King fan, I think that he can be annoying some times as a writer. I would love to have a house based on some of his best novels though. Maybe even a house dedicated to just one book (It, The Stand, Salem's Lot, The Shining...oh, the possibilities!)
  8. I don't know if that would really fly by certain religious people. I think a lot of people would be upset if Jesus was being used as something horror-related, especially in a really well known event. And if it did fly, what would you think would be in it? Would it just being the religious figures being tortured?
  9. Really? I was thinking about writing a review on it. I'd be more than happy to write it if you'd be interested in reading it!
  10. I really enjoyed RUN: Hostile Territory. I thought is was really intense and all of the gore that they used was really cool (the outside of the house, with the dumpster full of body parts, was also cool). I also really liked Creatures, which was a house that I know a lot of people didn't care for.
  11. Really? Wow, thanks! I'll definitely do more now that you said. Probably the next one will be HHN XX. Thanks for the comment!
  12. I've been attending since 2005 (even though I don't remember THAT much from my first year), so here's my list of my favorite HHN houses (so far, of course. Still holding out for an H.P. Lovecraft house! ): 10) Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare- If not just for the Wizard of Oz room. 9) Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate- If not just for the Captain Howdy windows. 8) Havoc: Dogs of War- If not just for the firing squad. 7) Nightingales: Blood Prey- If not just for the horse-eating scene. 6) Run: Hostile Territory- If not just for the outside of the house. 5) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds- If not just for the outside-sheets scene. 4) Demon Cantina- If not just for being the first HHN house I've ever went into (and the only one that I remember well from that year). 3) Dead Silence: The Curse of Mary Shaw- If not just for the facade and the ending. 2) Nevermore: The Madness of Poe- If not just because it's EDGAR ALLEN FRICKEN POE. 1) Dead Exposure- If not just for the fact that I almost peed myself during thisi house. Honorable Mention- Psychoscareapy: Home for the Holidays- If not just for the gingerbread....mmm, gingerbread. And, just for fun, my top 5 least favorite houses: 5) Saw- I dunno, I guess overt, consistant gore isn't enough to scare me. 4) People Under the Stairs: Under Construction- I remember just being confused and almost bored throughout this house. 3) Jack's Funhouse in Clown-O-Vision- Kind of like PUTS, except this relied more on weird 3-D effects than actual atmosphere. 2) Reflections of Fear- It....it just didn't scare me. At all. The facade was kind of cool, though. 1) The Spawning- What has already been said about this house is more than I could ever say about it.
  13. Yeah, I could definitely see it being awesome like that. But I think it worked both ways. How some nice-looking old lady is managing to spin these horrid stories that come to life and how she's able to perform horrific acts on humans like she did, I thought, was pretty cool. But, then again, a demon gramma would probably have been even cooler. o.o
  14. I always thought that Bloody Mary was the scariest and the Storyteller was the creepiest (if that makes any sense). I dunno, it may have been her southern accent or just because she was old.....old ladies scare me. :c
  15. Really? I think I will next year, because I saw every year up until 2010, because some people said it was bad. I will take your advice though.
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