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  1. Stayed at Cabana Bay last weekend, no security screening is being done there. You go through the regular screening area when you get off the bus at CityWalk. At Sapphire Falls they check your bags & wand you before you get on the boat.
  2. Just needing the years updated on my signature to reflect 2014 and 2015 date.
  3. No you can take anyone as long as they have an event ticket.
  4. Just reserved both weekends, the excitement is really starting to kick in now!
  5. Dollhouse of the Damned: 3 Roanoke Cannibal Colony: 3 Halloween: 2 Giggles & Gore:2 AVP: 2 TWD: 2 Dracula Untold: 1 FDTD: 1 Bill & Ted: 1 RHPS:1 I did the AP party both nights was there until close on Friday and left around 9:30 Saturday.
  6. 35, but I feel much younger especially when it comes to HHN and Halloween/fall time of the year.
  7. I really hope they still do the Scream Early ticket. I've been using that ticket option since 2010 and doing the crossover from IOA. 2012 was the first year that they ever held us back and let the rest of the park go. So last year we ending up doing UO and were in the holding area by Finnegans, it worked out much better. Got to do AWIL and Evil Dead within the first 20 mins.
  8. Could someone make me a new sig that is similar to the one I have but with last year added on please?
  9. Houses: 1. AVP 2. Dollhouse of the Damned 3. Halloween 4. Giggles & Gore Inc. 5. TWD 6. Roanoke 7. FDTD 8. Dracula Untold Scare Zones 1. Maskerade 2. Face Off 3. Purge 4. Bayou of Blood
  10. 1. American Werewolf in London 2. Havoc 2 3. La Llorona 4. Cabin in the Woods 5. Resident Evil 6. Evil Dead 7. After Life 8. Walking Dead
  11. HHN XV (2005) would be my choice, this was my second year going and it's what got my obsession with HHN going. I loved how the houses and sz had a connected theme. I remember coming home from work everyday and going to the website because of the detail in the map and artifacts on Elsa's bookcase just keep drawing me back in.
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