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  1. I don't know which way I'd prefer, I really can't contain my excitement for this one.
  2. This announcement has actually inspired me to bring my years of lurking post-HHNVault to an end. I'm SO excited for this IP and I can't wait to see the treatment it gets as it's personally one of my favorite horror films (or any genre for that matter) of all time. How awesome would it be if they found a way to send you down the iconic stairs into the house to meet Regan?
  3. Very interesting. A little to cryptic (at least for me) to start making assumptions. But we're not too far away from some type of teaser I suppose.
  4. To be perfectly honest, I want one thing above most other things. I want to see a (for lack of better phrase) "Iconic" icon. For some reason, I haven't felt like an icon has found a way to "stick" like Jack, the Director, or the Caretaker have in some time. Of course you have Mary, who's backstory was amazing and the most elaborate, but since the backstory was the only original part about her, I find it hard to consider her to be an icon like these original characters. That being said, the Usher was completely original, but barely used in marketing at all due to the milking of the movie characters that year. We need an icon that's going to stick around for a while. A new classic icon that we'll all become sick of after they use him/her so many times BECAUSE of the initial success of that icon. So Uni, please come up with something new and completely original, use that icon in advertisement as well as around the park (hopefully a title house), and then see what happens. I don't know, maybe that's just the way I feel but I think that'll help a lot. The intensity of the houses needs to be upped a little as well. Last year, while I didn't think any houses were, "bad", no house had me walking out saying, "Wow that was scary", and I'm a relatively easy scare. Lots of missed opportunities for scares along with the aforementioned weak endings led to a weaker house experience overall. Hopefully they up the anti on the scare factor this year. ^^^^My 2 cents
  5. From a few minutes ago on Roddy's FB: In all my years of involvement in the Halloween industry, I have to tell you that Alone at Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream was the best experience. As Peter Griffin once said, "That's all the motivation I need to actually do this". Except he was talking about flying a pickup truck using Jet fuel....
  6. Thanks. So how long do auditions run? I'm gonna cut it close... I turn 18 on August 23.
  7. Quick question, do you have to be 18 WHEN you audition? Or I've heard that as long as you're 18 by orientation that you're fine. Can someone please clarify for me? Thanks.
  8. I like your signature.

  9. Certain people have gone mad over at Vault. A forum is a medium for exchange of ideas... So I think the posting of inside info is great and I welcome it. As for the logo... I don't know what to think quite yet...
  10. I'd go if they did evil tellitubbies from hell. I can't stay away.
  11. Amen. It's getting really crazy over on HHNVault. I can't wait to see all this BS going around exposed as what it most likely is... BS.
  12. It would indeed. I'm not very happy with the way things seem to be going with this year's HHN theming. However, it's early in the year and we really KNOW nothing at all. So hopefully A&D will catch us all off guard and do something great this year!
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